Google acquires Fly Labs to bring video editing to Google Photos

Fly Labs - Google

#Google has just acquired renowned #iOS developer team Fly Labs which is known for four apps known as Clips, Crop, Fly and Tempo. It is said that with this acquisition, Google will look to directly integrate their tech into #GooglePhotos which lacks a proper image or video editing tool. Most Android users are forced to rely on Snapseed for their photo editing needs.

However, with the integration of the tech acquired from Fly Labs, Google will supposedly bring editing right into Google Photos, without having to navigate to another app. Interestingly, the founder of New York based Fly Labs, Tim Novikoff was said to be very dismissive of bringing their apps to the Android platform when asked in an interview last year.

But it’s interesting how things turn out in the industry and Fly Labs is now directly under Android. Google will continue to make the iOS apps available as usual and has even made them free for the customers, which is a bonus.

Via: The Verge