Good News For Developers, Android Apps Cost More Than iOS Apps

New research came out of Canalys this week that shows that apps actually cost more in the Android market than iOS. What’s more is that this was based on the top 100 apps for both markets. Canalys also scaled the study down just to make sure that one or two apps wasn’t skewing the whole picture, and it wasn’t.

The Canalys study showed that with the top 100 paid apps from each app store the average price per app for Android was $3.47 while the average price for apps for iOS was just $1.47. This is good news for developers, that Android users are willing to pay a premium for good apps. It’s often thought that Android users rather get an app free because with the google lifestyle Android fans are accustomed to getting things for free.

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Senior Canalys Analyst Tim Shepherd gave some insight into the differences between the Android market and the iOS App Store:

“Electronic Arts, for example, regularly offers discounts across its portfolio of games in the App Store to ensure they remain visible to customers by featuring in the top app lists. Price competitiveness is crucial in Apple’s store, where the vast majority of top paid apps cost just $0.99, in a way that is not the case in the Android Market. This leads to disparities whereby an app such as Monopoly is priced at $4.99 in the Android Market, but is discounted to just $0.99 in the Apple App Store.”

What about Microsoft? did the math on the top 100 apps in the Microsoft Market Place and found that the average cost per app there was $3.01, so more than Apple and less than the Android Market. However, most of the premium apps in the Microsoft Market Place are X-Box live titles.

source: Phonearena