Good Google Results For Q1 2011, Larry Pages First Call

Overall Google reported a good first quarter of 2011. Let’s remind you real quick that this was not Larry Page’s first quarter as CEO it was Eric Schmidts last.  The highlight of the call in terms of numbers to report was that Google saw an increase of 27% year over year.

That 27% increase was on total revenue of $8.58 billion.  Google’s owned sites such as search, youtube etc were responsible for 69% of total revenues. AdSense was responsible for $2.43billion. International markets accounted for $4.57 billion.

Re-Newed CEO Larry Page showed up on the call for about two minutes. During that time he acknowledged that everything was going according to the plans that He, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin hashed out during the Q4 results call in 2010.  Page is now CEO, and Eric Schmidt is now in his Executive position and has traveled to Germany, Brazil, and Argentina as an ambassador for both governments and partners. According to Page, Sergey Brin is doing the same thing he’s been doing the last 10 years and that is working on “Special Projects”.

Page also took a few minutes to acknowledge Google’s former Product Chief John Rosenberg, who has announced his departure from Google a little earlier than planned. Page thanked Rosenberg for his years of service and guidance. Google CFO Patrick Pichette also acknowledged and thanked Rosenberg at the end of the call. A tell all book about Google by both Schmidt and Rosenberg is expected next week.

Patrick Pichette was assisted by Product SVP Susan Wojcicki, Commerce and Local Head, Jeff Huber, and head of sales Nikesh Arora. They also continued after the earnings announcement for another hour with a question and answer session.

As far as Android goes, the call highlighted the fact that Android is activating 350,000 devices per day. Pichette highlighted the fact that with Android in tow mobile search is becoming it’s own multi-billion dollar business. AdMob is currently seeing 150 million iPhones and Android devices on it’s ad network which is up 50% over the last four months.

During the Q&A reporters tried to drill down the number of Android devices by country and tablet vs phone however Jeff Huber wouldn’t comment except to say that they are excited about the tablet innovation coming from Android’s Honeycomb platform.

The theme of the question and answer session seemed to be both mobile and video and mobile video. Google has to  change their strategy from straight web search to a broader more engaged search through mobile. At the end of the Q&A portion Nikesh Arora was asked about how Google planned to maximize the monetization of Youtube. Arora reminded those on the call that they are looking to monetize video across all of Google’s publishing partners.

When Pichette was asked about the recent managerial changes at Google he indicated that each portion of the business would have one top person working in conjunction with their team. The way Google used to do it was to have three people at the top of each business which resulted in cases where there were meetings of 6 to 9 head Googlers to make decisions which wasn’t as streamlined and focused as Page would like it.

Google seems poised to have another great year in 2011 and it looks like the decision to return Page to the helm was a well thought out and good decision that will give Google and the Googlers some focus that they need to continue to push forward.  From an Android perspective it is a little unknown fact that it was actually Larry Page that discovered Andy Rubin and Android and brought Android to Eric Schmidt’s attention as a way to boost their mobile business.

Thank You  Larry!