Gone already? Google no longer selling the Nexus 6 in the Google Store

Nexus 6

The #Motorola #Nexus6 has officially seen its demise, or so it seems from the Google Store as of today. The smartphone is now listed as “no longer available for purchase.” The Google Store main page doesn’t list the device either and you will have to manually navigate to the URL in order to find the listing on the page.

This officially means that the handset will not be sold by Google from now on, which was quite apparent going by the enormous discounts that were offered by Motorola on Black Friday and on plenty of occasions before that as well.

If you still want to catch hold of the smartphone, don’t lose heart as it should be still up for grabs via retailers like Amazon and eBay. This is clearly a big step by Google and goes to show that the large form factor has not worked out for the company. That being said, it was a much needed experiment and showed the company’s commitment to a truly premium Nexus device.

Source: Google Store

Via: Android Police