Gmailify brings the goodness of Gmail without needing an @gmail email


#Google recently introduced the ability to use a non gmail email account with the #Gmail app on Android. However, some of the features that Gmail account holders were enjoying was missing for users of an Outlook or a Hotmail account.

Google is now planning to change this with the introduction of something called Gmailify. This feature essentially links your non-Gmail account to Gmail, giving you all the features like spam filters, labels and much more without having to switch to a full blown gmail address.

This seems like Google’s way of encouraging non-Gmail users into using the app on Android. Surely, with this news, we can expect a lot of non-Gmail account holders to try out Gmail, now that there’s no distinction between a hotmail or a gmail account, at least in terms of the features offered.

It is believed that the update will be seen on the version 5.11 of the Gmail app on Android. The Play Store update should be happening any minute now, so you should be prompted of an update soon.

Source: Gmail Blog