German Court Rules In Favor of Motorola and Samsung In Patent Case With Apple

I don’t think I have to tell everyone that Apple has claimed another infringement on their touch event model patent. On a happier note though, the Mannheim Regional Court decided to come down with a decision which has favored both Samsung and Motorola. The touch event model patent shouldn’t be mistaken for multitouch, as this is a very broad patent. Essentially it is supposed to cover the way the entire operating system reports or disregards different touch events to applications. Knowing that, you can imagine that if Samsung and Motorola lost against Apple, the result would have been a requirement to completely rewrite, and reinstall a ton of different apps since a numerous amount of other applications are relying on this operating system functionality. It’s pretty ridiculous that Apple had to sue over this, but Samsung and Motorola might have something if they counter sue on the same patent. It seems like whenever Apple sues someone, they’re just trying to get something for themselves.

The defense had been based on the fact that the Android operating system actually does not store a multi-touch flag in association with each “view.” This same argument had already been used in both the United Kingdom and Netherlands lawsuit and was pretty successful, so good on them. The reason why the German courts brought down this ruling at the same time was because Motorola’s case was originally scheduled for August 31st, but had been postponed. The courts decided that they would just align both cases after they rescheduled the meeting.


source: talk android