5 Best Games Like EVE Online

Games like EVE Online are often hard to come by, but you can get the Games Like EVE Online a lot more easily. The game allows you to explore an expansive galaxy, traveling from solar system to solar system. The sandbox MMO allows you to build your own spaceship, recruit a fleet, and then you,

5 Best Games Like Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a strategy, space colony building game where you command an army of clones who must survive the deep underground on a foreign planet. The game is actually quite involved, taking hours of your time to do ensure your clones are happy, and don’t die from disease. The amount of time that

7 Best Need For Speed Racing Games

If you haven’t heard of the Need for Speed series, you’ve probably been living under a rock, especially if you’re a big fan of racing games. The Need for Speed series provides exciting storylines, exciting tracks to race, and all of the latest cars that you can race in. You can race in the latest

5 Best Games Like Factorio

Factorio is a real-time strategy game developed by Wube Software, while there are some games like factorio that are highly popular. It is a wonderful factory building game, in which you will settle and build great large factories, all running to be eventually automated — all for the sake of progress and production! But, beware

5 Best Games Like Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is an MMORPG, essentially taking a couple of hints from EVE Online, especially if you would love to play more of the best games like Elite Dangerous. If you’re looking for an expansive space universe that you can explore, Elite Dangerous has 400 billion galaxies on a 1:1 scale for players to venture

5 Best Games Like No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky was one of the most highly anticipated titles in gaming, and today we have some of the best games like no Man’s Sky alternatives. It allowed players to have true control over the world, and with massive exploration abilities. No Man’s Sky allows you to explore a massive universe with billions of

7 Best Games Like Roblox

Having well over a million players enjoying this title a day, Roblox is a rather successful title, but there exist some games like Roblox that could be a great option. It has a fleshed out multiplayer, and wide variety of player-made content available to all. The game can, unfortunately, be quite buggy, and so, you

7 Best Games Like Rimworld

Ludeon Studios has been working very hard on Rimworld for some time now, but we still have some favorite games like Rimworld that many people love to play. The game has actually stayed with early access for years now, and so, you may think to yourself that this game has a terrible future. On the

7 Best Games Like Banished

Banished is indie-city builder developed by Shining Rock Software, but are there any other best games like Banished. While it lacks for any sort of long term goals, it does implement a strategic design into this city building process, where you must plan ahead of time, and balance between multiple pros and cons; however, perhaps

7 Best Games Like Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online virtual world launched by WildWorks. With millions of players owning the game, you can tell that this is a very successful MMO, be it for your kids or yourself. And with all the fun things to do in this game, you may be wondering if there are any other clean

5 Best Games Like XCOM

XCOM is a notoriously unique game, so much so that XCOM has become its own genre, as many titles are coming out using this system of which XCOM has created. With so many gems out there showing up, all with similarities and roots in the XCOM series, you might be wondering if any of these

5 Best Games Like Dishonored

Dishonored is one of our favorite role-playing games, available on most console platforms today. It has a stealth aspect to it, but one of the things that everyone loves so much about Dishonored is the engaging and immersive story line. The writing in the game is beautiful, and it keeps players coming back for more.

5 Best Games Like LA Noire

LA Noire is one of those games that doesn’t come around often. There are very few mystery games that unravel like LA Noire does, and even since it’s original launch, few games have arrived to compete with it. However, if you’re still looking for an engaging story line and an immersive and rich world, there

5 Best Games Like Stronghold

Stronghold is a well known game among those who love strategy, city building, and commanding vast armies into battle. The game is one of the few titles that does excellent at managing all of those. At home. you get to build up your kingdom, collect resources, keep your peasants happy, set taxes, recruit soldiers, make

5 Best Games Like Borderlands

There are few games like Borderlands on the market. It’s a beautiful mix between first-person shooter action and elements of role-playing games; however, what makes it special is the comedic dialog in the game. There are few games out there that can make you laugh like Borderlands can. However, there are some games that are

5 Best Games Like Warframe

Warframe is an excellent co-op and futuristic shooter. It’s a game packed full of action. You pick your Warframe — this is basically your super human suit — which there are thirty of. The warframe you pick gives you a handful of different abilities and weapons that you can use. And then, you can jump

5 Best Games Like Spore

Spore was a massive five stage world of which offered hundreds of opportunities for players with creative personalities to get to work — allowing them to create crazy creatures bent on religion, conquest, and money. Spore had many exciting mechanics to be manipulated by the player, everything from forging an empire across star systems, to

5 Best Games Like Fallout

Fallout games like to change the way we look at RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and Open World every time a new one is released. Set in a post nuclear war universe, Fallout 3 dropped us in a Washington DC wasteland let us become a bad guy or a good guy with chances of befriending non-feral

5 Best Games Like Diablo

Published and designed by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo 3 is a massive Action RPG absorbing weeks to months of some people’s time because of how addicting it is. It has a dynamic story, with players chasing down Diablo. Diablo as a whole is a much loved franchise, and Diablo 3 is the modern incarnation of that.

5 Best Games Like Stellaris

One thing that Paradox Interactive is great about is that makes 4X strategy games and some of the best games like Stellaris. If you like games that deal with politics, conquest, diplomacy, and economic victories, a 4X game might be right up your alley. Paradox makes tons of them, and one favorite lately has been