GameStick Bases Final Design On Backers’ Suggestions

With only a few days left until its Kickstarter project ends, GameStick has already amassed a sum of $554,471 from its 4,947 backers. This is much higher than its goal of $100,000 goal.


After many hours of deliberation and adjustments, GameStick’s developer revealed the controller’s final design, which is based on suggestions sent in by its backers.

As per the new photo-realistic images of the controller, the GameStick now has rounded edges to allow for more comfort in handling. The groove, which used to be found in the middle of the device, was removed, as well, for the same purpose. This also makes enables the design to appear “clean” and “smooth all around.” Meanwhile, the palm grips were extended so that gamers will be able to clutch them more easily, especially “for those tense moments just before you die in your favorite game.” To make the controller more ergonomic, 3 millimeters was added, as well, to its leading edge.

The finalized design also comes with a “polished top deck, a metalized middle section and a rubberized bottom deck.” Taking into account the concerns of developers in porting games, the GameStick now favors XBYA instead of PLAY buttons. Improvements were also introduced to the analog sticks, which now “use full multi-way + switch systems,” as well as the mushroom caps, which are now rubberized. Other features include a 45-degree angle tilt and a rubber home button. Meanwhile, the underside of the controller is still in the works.

As for power, the GameStick is said to come with a contact-based charging system that will eliminate the need to plug the device while it charges. There will likewise be a wireless charging solution which would be offered on the Dock.

Funding for the project will end on Friday Feb 1, 7:23am EST, so if you still want to add support for the console, you can head over to its Kickstarter page. There is a $1 minimum pledge, but you can contribute $79 or more to get the GameStick console, controller, a name check, and a founder’s tag.

The GameStick is expected to be delivered this coming April.

via kickstarter