Galaxy vs Optimus: Samsung fires back at LG over OLED patent infringement

The maker of the Galaxy line of phones, Samsung, has backfired against the maker of the Optimus, LG Display. The latter was the first to file infringement lawsuits over organic light-emitting diode (OLED) patents in September specifying Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 7.7 are among the infringing devices. The former did not respond initially until Monday. The company’s legal counsel said that this latest salvo is necessary to defend its own intellectual properties and patents.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, made a request to Seoul patents court last week to deem LG’s seven patents relating to OLED technologies invalid due to the lack of innovation and originality. This legal tactic is not new to the Galaxy-maker as it is the same tactic Apple used to win the $1 billion case. But Samsung spokesperson said they are doing this to defend their technologies.

“These are typical legal steps to defend a company’s stance in a patent infringement suit,” the Samsung spokesman told AFP.

Both are South Korean companies that have been in competition since time immemorial. While they have engaged into several legal battles in the past, the most recent one seems to become nastier as they both try to eliminate one another.

An OLED display does not need backlighting so manufacturers can build devices as thin as other components would allow. In fact, it is this very same technology that has been used in majority of Samsung’s mid- to high-end devices especially the Galaxy S III. LG used this technology on its television units while Samsung in its smartphones. If the former wins this case, Samsung will have a lot of problems in its mobile division.

However, it seems like Samsung has an edge over this case than LG because it has never been hidden from the eyes of the public that it has developed several OLED patents including the more advanced Super AMOLED technology. And if its accusations that LG tried to lure away its senior Samsung OLED researchers are proven true, it can win this case with eyes closed.

[source: Phys]

[image credit: Android Authority]