Galaxy Tab 2 Not Charging Problem Causes and Solution

Here is a common problem encountered by some Galaxy Tab 2 users. But there are many things that can cause this problem. Among them are the charger you are using, the port of your device, the power outlet where it is plugged, the battery of your tablet or the hardware in the interior. Either way, the solution for any of these is replacement of the part affected.

Locating the Source of the Problem

But before you go running to the repair center, try to pinpoint the problem by testing the various parts of your tablet. First try using the charger of your tablet to another compatible device such as a smartphone. Plug it into an outlet. If it charges the other device, then it is not the one causing the problem. If does not provide juice to the other device, then you are looking at a problem with the charger.

Next, use a compatible and working charger from another device. See if it charges your Galaxy Tab 2. If it does, then there’s nothing wrong with your unit. If not, check if the port of the tablet is a bit loose because it might be the reason for your trouble.

If you see the battery icon not changing its status despite having a working charger and functional port, your battery likely needs a replacement already. Another cause might be a problem in the circuit of your tablet.

Make sure that the outlet you are using when testing has enough power also to ensure that you are not just looking at a problem with the power source.

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