Galaxy S9 screen won’t turn on after using phone in pool

Samsung’s “waterproof” of their top tier Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S9 is overrated. While IP68 rating may be  effective in preventing damage from occasional splashes or exposure to water and dust, many devices have failed after they’re submerged in a pool, sea or ocean. In this short troubleshooting article, we show you what you can do if you find your S9 screen not working after exposing the device to water.

Problem: Galaxy S9 screen won’t turn on after using phone in pool

Hello! I have a Samsung S9 and have the screen cracked at the moment. It’s not a deep crack and I have a screen protector on it. Today I had the phone submerged into the pool water for a few seconds, I took it out and I dried it. It worked fine and I had no issues with it for about 3 to 4 hours. Then after I plugged it in to charge the screen began to blink and did not turn on anymore. My phone rings and “charges” but when i try to turn on the screen it blinks a white and yellow color and doesn’t turn on. I’ve had it sitting without touching for 2 more hours but still nothing. Any suggestions please??!! Maria Diez

Solution: Water protection on your Samsung Galaxy S9 is limited and can fail even under normal circumstances. You should have avoided submerging the device in water knowing that the screen is already compromised. If the only thing you did was to use the phone in the pool before the screen turned off, it’s safe to assume water must have damaged the screen assembly. In this case, there are two things that you can try. One is dry the phone and see what happens. The other is to seek professional help in fixing the hardware malfunction.

How to dry your Galaxy S9

Ideally, you should let a professional dry the phone for you. Since that involves a fee, you can skip that and do it yourself. The first option for you to dry the phone is by using rice. In a container, pour the rice and put your S9 in. Make sure that you remove its external case or screen protector and thoroughly dry it using a clean soft cloth. Cover the phone in rice and leave it there for a few days. The idea is to allow rice to absorb the water or moisture in the phone.

The other way to dry your phone is by putting it inside a container and to use silica gel to suck the water out. Again, you want to leave the phone in an airtight container with the silica gel desiccant for a few days.

Remember, drying your phone won’t necessarily fix it. The aim of this one is to remove the water or moisture from the system and nothing else. If you’re lucky and there’s still no permanent damage to the screen assembly, you may have a working phone. If drying won’t change anything, you must do the second option–repair.

Let a professional repair your S9

Having water in your phone is usually a death sentence but in some cases, no permanent damage may have occurred yet. Although we are not very optimistic about your particular case, we still recommend that you allow a trained personnel to check the extent of the hardware damage so you’ll know how much you’re going to shell out for the repair. The least that you’ll spend here is probably about $200 dollars as you can get a good screen assembly for the S9 for about that price. Even if you’ll let Samsung do the screen replacement (water damage voids the warranty by default), you’ll still probably end up paying that amount, or even more. We highly recommend though that you let Samsung do the screen replacement to have a guaranteed result.


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