Galaxy S7 mobile data connection not working, other issues

One of the issues discussed in this post today is about an S7 mobile data connection not working. Although this problem does not usually happen, you will find out that the solutions to it may be overly simplistic. Continue reading below to see how we resolve this particular problem.



We also include other #GalaxyS7 problems in this material:

  1. Questions for Galaxy S7 stock email app
  2. Galaxy S7 cannot send email with attachments with Exchange account
  3. Galaxy S7 photos get corrupted and showing picture icon with exclamation mark
  4. Galaxy S7 screen is black and won’t work
  5. Galaxy S7 mobile data connection not working | Galaxy S7 won’t detect 3G or 4G network

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Problem #1: Questions for Galaxy S7 stock email app

Key question/issue regarding native email that comes with Galaxy. Switched to iPhone due to it but would rather have Galaxy S7. Have thousands of  emails for business account on Yahoo Small Business server (now Aabaco). Tried twice to download all emails from one account as POP account into the native email app on the Samsung Galaxy S7 which I assume is by Samsung but each time stopped at about 1000 emails. Want as POP account on that phone. Does that email app have limit to number of emails can download either total number or number per day or how far back can be from (e.g. 3 1/2 years)? (The email is about 3GB of data and have 20 GB remaining on phone so not storage issue).  Not issue with Yahoo Small Business (Aabco) or Android OS since was able to download them all to 3rd party email app Type App (no calendar and no search on that email app so can’t use). Your help appreciated!!

FYI, could not find any third party email app for multiple email accounts (tried a lot including K9, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) that had 4 things: let me download as many emails I want/no total limit, even if has DAILY limit and have to download over a week when do initial download; has calendar; allowed pop accounts; has some search filters and maybe some sort filters; and, critically also has auto bcc can set for each account so all emails sent from that account will come into my Inbox for that email account in Outlook on my laptop (need this since have that account as POP in Outlook on laptop) (FYI – FYI, do not want as IMAP on laptop either so if no longer want to use Yahoo  to be web host company and stop paying it, the email already downloaded will still be on laptop as well as phone). — Joe

Solution: Hi Joe. App specific questions like the ones you’re asking here are best answered by developers rather than by third party technicians like us. We only cover a limited number of general Samsung phone and app issues but we don’t have accurate information how a specific app from them works.  Apps constantly get updates to add or remove features so there’s no way for us to know exactly how a product like a Samsung native email app works. The general rule of thumb to follow though is the idea that what you see is what you get. Although we’re positive that there’s no limit to the amount of data you can download via the standard Samsung email app, there may be some firmware limitations set by your carrier to control the number of GBs you can use everyday. This may or may not stop your device from downloading emails. Such behavior may appear to be a limitation of the email app, when in reality it may only be a download limitation on your carrier account.

We also can’t replicate your situation in our own devices to get some answers so your best option to get accurate information is to contact Samsung itself.

Problem #2: Galaxy S7 cannot send email with attachments with Exchange account

Hi. My new S7 Edge (like my S4 before it) cannot send emails with attachments. I am using the stock email app with an exchange client for my work email and calendar.

It doesn’t matter if I am on wifi (either at work or home) or on mobile data. With attachment it gets stuck in outbox and won’t send. Without attachment no problems.

In my personal email (Gmail app) I can send with attachments. That doesn’t help me with my work email though.

I have checked all the forums and it seems to be a very common problem, but I’m yet to find a solution that works for exchange clients using stock Android email app.

Please help me. Cheers. — Simon

Solution: Hi Simon. This is an issue with ActiveSync in your Exchange server. This problem can happen regardless of your phone. We’ve observed this happening on iPhones as well so it’s clearly not a Samsung only problem.

You must work with your company’s IT department to enable a setting in your Exchange server to allow sending of attachments. This is not a Samsung or email app issue so there’s no setting on the app or phone that you can tweak to resolve it.

Problem #3: Galaxy S7 photos get corrupted and showing picture icon with exclamation mark

This problem doesn’t happen all the time, but has now happened to me twice.

When i take a photo, the photo that is taken looks great. But when i go to gallery to look at the photos, they are shown as grey with a picture icon and exclamation mark. I have managed to upload these photos to my computer as thumbnails of the original photo taken, but now these are also greyed out. but when i try to open them it says “can’t open file”.

Can these photos on my phone by restored or should i just delete them? Also why when I’m importing my photos does it import hundreds of photos from Facebook and games etc? Thank you. — Miranda

Solution: Hi Miranda. The grey icon with exclamation mark is a generic indicator of a corrupted photo of file. That means that something went wrong after the camera app processed the image. The problem may be caused by a bad storage device you’re using to save the photo, or the camera app itself. Whatever the true cause is, a corrupted file or photo can no longer be restored in a Galaxy S phone. If you saved the files in an SD card, try to insert the said card to another device to see if they can be read.

Why when I’m importing my photos does it import hundreds of photos from Facebook and games etc? To import simply means transferring files from one device to your particular phone or device. The direction of the transfer is always from another gadget to your own. Now, the answer to your question depends on the app you’re using to import files, as well as how it’s configured. Normally, apps designed to help users move files between devices like the Samsung Smart Switch scans the storage device first so it identifies relevant folders. Once you initiate the command to start transferring files, the app automatically moves all previously scanned folders that contact the specific files you’re trying to move. If some of your apps like Facebook and games create a folder of their own to store their own images, they may have been identified by your file-transfer app to be moved as well. Because you did not mention the app you’re using to import your files, we cannot give you specific instructions to set it up. In general though, a file-transfer app will give you options what files or folders to move. Make sure that you read or configure all the necessary settings to only transfer the files you want.

Problem #4: Galaxy S7 screen is black and won’t work

The phone makes vibrating sounds and the buttons at the bottom of the screen light up, but there is no display. If I hold the power button, it vibrates twice (one and a half seconds in between), then 10 seconds and the blue light  on top comes on (same that indicates a message). It dims and becomes brighter several times, then the blue light goes out. Fifteen or twenty seconds pass, and there is another vibration. There is a final vibration after thirty seconds. My guess is that it has booted up, but there is no display. To confirm this, I can click the volume buttons up and down and hear a tone. I wonder, “What is broken in the phone that would cause the display only to malfunction?”

I tried soft reset, safe mode, and recovery mode, using the vibrations as a signal that the Galaxy display should be on display, but it’s not. None of those worked. I will go to the service center tomorrow. If you email me, I can let you know what the problem is in case anyone else has the same problem as me. — Jason

Solution: Hi Jason. The problem is obviously a non-working screen. All indications point to this issue. There’s nothing more that you can do on your end to fix it. There’s no amount of software troubleshooting that you can do to fix a failing hardware. That the phone still vibrates when you attempt a restart but the screen remains black is a clear indicator that the screen has failed. An issue like this is usually caused by dropping to a hard surface or exposing your phone to water. If you’re phone has been dropped before, or if it got wet previously, you can safely assume that you have a hardware issue at hand. If you’re lucky, a repair may still save the phone. Your best option though is to seek for a replacement to ensure that you have a working phone.

Water damage or a serious drop can lead to multiple hardware failures, depending on the affected components. Both of these situations can void the warranty of a Samsung device so be ready to invest for a replacement unit.

Problem #5: Galaxy S7 mobile data connection not working | Galaxy S7 won’t detect 3G or 4G network

My Galaxy S7 worked well until one day it stopped getting data service. There was no damage to the phone. Wi-Fi works, but it never says 3G or 4G at the top. Occasionally it will say 1x, but that is very rare.

I know that I am in a good Verizon area and should not be having these issues. I did troubleshooting with Page Plus Cellular, my carrier. We found that there are no APN options. it says “unable to view the access point name settings. Access is restricted for the current user profile.”

The menu option to reset to default is grayed out. They were no help beyond that. My SIM card does work in another phone. 

I have done a factory rest and any other “fixes” that I found online. I bought it in July 2015 directly from Smart Pay / Quality One Wireless which links directly from the Page Plus website. It came with a new Page Plus SIM card. The last time I specifically remember using the data was at the end of August 2015. Since then it’s been Wi-Fi only. PLEASE HELP!!!  — Debra

Solution: Hi Debra. First of all, mobile data service requires a subscription from your carrier. This subscription can either be in the form of postpaid plans, or prepaid refill cards. Since you failed to mention this aspect of troubleshooting, we recommend that you call your carrier again to ensure that your mobile data subscription is indeed active at this time.

My SIM card does work in another phone. We don’t know what exactly you mean by this but we take it to mean that 3G or 4G icons shows on the phone when you insert this SIM card. Still this doesn’t mean that you can have mobile data. Having the 3G or 4G icon on the notification bar is just an indication that the device is detecting a certain network, although it still doesn’t mean that you can use mobile data.

If you are positive that you can use mobile data using your SIM card when it’s inserted in another phone, that’s a totally different story. Try inserting another SIM card to your S7 to see if it detects a 3G or 4G network. If the same problem occurs, that’s a clear indicator that your phone may have a bad radio component (transceiver). Call your carrier and ask for a replacement unit.


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  1. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 online unlocked. I live in Canada but the phone is from the US. It was a Verizon phone and I am currently with Fido. The phone works fine for talk, text & WIFI but when I turn on the data it still shows as offline and I can’t do anything online and yes, I do have a data plan.

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