Galaxy S6 Edge apps crash due to insufficient storage, other memory related problems

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (#Samsung #GalaxyS6Edge) lacks one very important feature–microSD card slot. This is Samsung’s way of telling you “Hey, buy the phone with high storage capacity,” which is also more expensive. Thus, it is inevitable that you’ll run out of space sooner or later depending on how you use your phone.


In this post, you can find some memory-related issues. Read on to learn more about them. Here’s the list…

  1. Insufficient storage space followed by an error
  2. Can photos and videos that got deleted be recovered?
  3. Computer can’t recognized the Galaxy S6 Edge
  4. How to empty trash on Galaxy S6 Edge?
  5. Galaxy S6 Edge can’t read from new microSD card via OTG
  6. Is it possible to recover data from a damaged S6 Edge?

If you have different issues, visit our troubleshooting page. Find issues that are related to what you have and use the solutions we suggested. If they won’t work, then fill up this questionnaire and hit submit. We’ll be more willing to help.

Insufficient storage space followed by an error

Problem: There was a system prompt telling me that there’s not enough storage left in my phone but I was fine with that since I wasn’t planning on downloading apps nor taking pictures and videos. Besides, I was travelling when it happened so I really didn’t have a choice since I didn’t bring my laptop with me. I was thinking to just use my S6 Edge with calls and text but when I tried editing a contact, I got a message saying “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” and the new information I added wasn’t there after I rebooted the phone. What can I do? Help me please.

Related Problem: My phone is extremely slow to follow any commands. I regularly close all apps however this does not seem to help. I do get the error message quite often “Unfortunately Contacts has stopped working”. Not sure of this is related. I have followed the fixed on this site but I am still having the same error.

Troubleshooting: Apparently, the lack of storage space in your phone led to apps crashing. You know, Android will create temporary files when you open an app and when you tried adding some information to a contact, there was no room for it. As a result the Contacts app crashed by the time you tried saving the information you added. To make a little space in your phone, try these:

  • Deleted files that are not important.
  • Choose some of the photos that you consider not that memorable or those you consider “bad shots.”
  • Uninstall apps you don’t use anymore.
  • Sync your game data to the cloud and try to clear the cache and data of the game app.

If there’s enough storage space, the errors will automatically go away.

Can photos and videos that got deleted be recovered?

Problem: I have a number of photos and videos that got deleted. How do I get them back? No- I don’t have backups, otherwise I wouldn’t be emailing you!

I’ve tried Wondershare, Dr. Fone, etc. They all seem similar. I set my phone to “USB debugging ->on” but that doesn’t work either.  Suggestions? Thanks. — Rick

Answer: No, you can no longer recover them. I think your best bet was Dr. Fone but apparently it didn’t work for you. Try looking for a technician in your area that might be able to help you.

Computer can’t recognized the Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: I have a new laptop which my daughter gave me for Christmas and I have a lot of photos that I want to move from my phone, S6 Edge, to my new computer. However, when I connect the phone, the computer says it’s detecting it but not recognizing it. What is it all about? And can you help me how to fix it? Thanks.

Solution: It’s obviously a driver issue. Drivers and small programs necessary to make third-party hardware be recognized by the computer, in your case, it’s the S6 Edge. The good news is, it can easily be fixed. You may visit, find the dedicated page for your device and from there, you can download the drivers, which you need to install to your new computer. Or, you can just use google and search for “samsung kies,” which also comes with necessary drivers for your device.

How to empty trash on Galaxy S6 Edge?

Problem: When I delete a photo/video I get a message that my devices trash is full and the options are to “cancel” or ” delete permanently”. How do I empty the device trash? 

Answer: When you delete files in your computer, they’re actually just being moved to a new folder called Recycle Bin or trash and you can actually retrieve them later. However, for Android, there’s no such thing. Once the files are deleted, they’re deleted permanently. I’m not sure if you’re referring to a trash folder in the email app.

Galaxy S6 Edge can’t read from new microSD card via OTG

Problem: So I bought a new microSD card that I inserted into an OTG adapter and connected to my phone. Unfortunately, my Galaxy S6 Edge cannot recognize or read from the SD card. Why is that? How can I make it to read from it?

Solution: Format your new microSD card using a computer and use FAT32 file system. After that, your S6 Edge can already recognize it.

Is it possible to recover data from a damaged S6 Edge?

Problem: My son dunked my S6 Edge I bought 3 months back; I took it for fixing but told the engine has collapsed and nothing can be done.  So I’m just pushing my luck; is there a way I can at least access the memory of this phone as there are photos taken in Zanzibar that were meant to be used in a book tht is due to be published next year. 

Answer: The phone needs to be turned on so it’s memory can be accessed. If it won’t turn on, then there’s no way you can retrieve anything. I’m not sure the extent of the damage but you need a technician with some special skill set to pull off the impossible and finding one is also impossible.

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  1. On my s6 edge, I couldn’t send or receive multimedia messages, and it was painfully slow. I cleared out some space by deleting apps (about 13gb of old crap) and then I could now send and receive pictures through text and some of the slowness was gone. Really stupid to spend more money for a higher capacity, when it won’t even work when you fill it up!

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