Galaxy S5 unable to connect to some Wi-Fi networks, other connection problems

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  1. Verizon Galaxy S5 unable to connect to mobile network
  2. Galaxy S5 unable to connect to mobile data
  3. MetroPCS Galaxy S5 stops connecting to mobile data
  4. Galaxy S5 unable to connect to some Wi-Fi networks
  5. Galaxy S5 mini mobile data on 3G and 4G not working
  6. T-Mobile Galaxy S5 “Your data plan does not work on this device. Click here to sign up for a new data plan.” error

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Problem #1: Verizon Galaxy S5 unable to connect to mobile network

Cannot connect to Mobile Network LTE. So no GPS, internet and I cannot use the phone. At home, I’m fine because I connect to our Wi-Fi. When I go into “mobile networks” the Mobile Data box IS checked but the Roaming says not roaming and is grayed out. Also, Network Operators is grayed out so I can’t check it out. Also, I can’t switch to the preferred network LTE/CDMA or LTE/GSM/UMTS. When I try either one it fails and asks repeatedly “Use Global?”. Also my APN (Access Point Name) shows Verizon Internet – VZWINTERNET and when I access it it goes to “Edit Access point” and I should be able to change the APN there but I was connected just a few days ago so it shouldn’t need changing. “VZWINTERNET”. 

Now about a week ago…this phone kept restarting over and over at least 20 times so I pulled out the battery and the SD card then replaced them. I’ve tried safe mode but still no mobile network. A few times when I plugged in the Samsung power cord to recharge, the phone said that it doesn’t recognize the cord and to use the Samsung power cord but I already was. This is the same reason why I sent my original S5 back and they sent me this refurbished model and it’s a recurring nightmare. I need a good troubleshooting URL or someone that knows what’s going on with this phone they say retails for $700. That’s an expensive paperweight. Thanks to anyone that can help me!! — Richard

Solution: Hi Richard. Our blog only provides troubleshooting instructions and solutions for software-related problems. Since you have already tried booting the phone in safe mode, the next step is to perform a factory reset. You want to observe how the phone behaves when there are no third party apps installed. Make sure that you give the phone at least a couple of hours after a factory reset to run to know the difference. For reference, here are the steps on how to do a full reset on that phone:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

If factory reset won’t change the situation, that’s an indication that the issue cannot be fixed by doing software troubleshooting. Call your wireless carrier or Samsung for a warranty checkup and replacement.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 unable to connect to mobile data

I purchased an S5 in USA from AT&T, my local carrier. They unlocked it at my request. When I spent 5 weeks in the UK last fall, I replaced the ATT SIM card with one with prepaid voice and data from ASDA (EE network). Voice worked fine. Data never worked.  ASDA customer support tried 5 times to send me a file with their APN settings, which never arrived. They did not offer detail on how to manually change the APN settings. ATT USA swears there is no limitation on my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A with overseas carriers. Did I choose the wrong (low cost) local carrier?  What do you suggest for my trip next month to Australia without gambling another $30+ on an prepaid AU data SIM card?  THANKS FOR ANY HELP.  LOVE YOUR SITE. — Vivie

Solution: Hi Vivie. Mobile data connection requires correct APN settings from your carrier in order to work. Changing the APN settings of an AT&T device is easy but you still need the correct APN settings from ASDA or from any other carrier. In order to change the APN settings of your S5, just follow these steps:

  • Access the Settings menu.
  • Locate and select Wireless & Networks or More Networks.
  • Select Mobile Networks.
  • Select Access Point Names.
  • Find the option to add new APN, represented by a “+” sign.

Here are the APN values for ASDA devices but we are not 100% certain if they are accurate:

  • Name – Asda Internet
  • APN – everywhere
  • Username – eesecure
  • Password – secure
  • MMSC – https://mms/
  • MMS Proxy –
  • MMS Port – 8080
  • Authentication type – PAP
  • APN type – If given a choice, select internet+mms, if the keyboard appears enter *

Make sure that you talk to a representative from ASDA to verify if the information above is accurate.

Problem #3: MetroPCS Galaxy S5 stops connecting to mobile data

The issue I’m having is with the mobile network, my carrier is MetroPCS if that helps. I’m able to make calls and message people. But when it comes to using the internet (using the web, downloading apps, watching videos, etc.), it completely doesn’t work. I’ve tried resetting the phone, editing the Access Point Name(APN). Nothing works, except when I manually changed the APN to MetroPCS (It was on T-Mobile’s, which was working fine at first). But I can’t figure out how to get it working again. If you guys have a solution, that would be awesome. PS: My Phone is an unlocked AT&T Galaxy S5. — Eloy

Solution: Hi Eloy. Have you already talked to MetroPCS about this trouble? We need to ask you this question first because we want to make sure that you have a compatible data plan with them, and that your subscription hasn’t been turned off for some reason. You also want to know if they’re having any network outages that might be affecting your area at the moment. Finally, you want to check with them if the MetroPCS APN settings on your phone are accurate. Keep in mind that any extra or missing character in one of the APN fields can cause a problem like this. If mobile data was working previously and there are no network or account issues, the only logical cause for the problem might be the incorrect APN settings.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 unable to connect to some Wi-Fi networks

I am unable to connect with WI-FI at one of the buildings I work at. There are two WI-FI networks — secure and guest.  i cannot connect to either networks. I used to be able to connect to both and about 4-6 months ago it stopped working. It may have been after an update but I’m not sure. The phone recognizes both wi-fi networks and starts to connect but then immediately disconnects. If I let it – it will try over and over to connect. 

I can connect to WIFI  everywhere else. The other buildings that I work at, home, any public wi-fi spot. 

I have tried to forget the problem networks multiple times and then tried to connect again and this hasn’t worked.  I have done a factory reset and this hasn’t helped. I also went to the IT department at the building I work at and they spent an hour looking at my phone and tried to get it to connect. The IT department did not find their system blocking me at all. They didn’t think the problem was on the network side. Everybody I work around is able to connect without problems. 

I don’t know what else to try.

Thanks. — Rich

Solution: Hi Rich. If you are still unable to connect to these Wi-Fi networks even after a factory reset, the problem then is clearly not phone-related. There must be something in those networks that blocks or prevents your device from connecting successfully. Your IT department must ensure that your device is whitelisted and not blocked. There’s just nothing that you can do on your end to fix this issue. We don’t know how your work network is configured and secured so we cannot provide any specific details to tell you. You must work with your IT department to fix it.

Problem #5: Galaxy S5 mini mobile data on 3G and 4G not working

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini SM-g800f. Ok so i have a new mini. I turned it on and it would just turn off if I used apps. I got a new battery. That stopped.

I then try use Internet. it works only on G and E but if I go to 3G or LTE, H will come on for like half a second, the arrows point upload will blink and that’s all. It will disappear.

Also, never a page loads on H or 4G.  Can’t call. It says nktvregistered on network. It’s a 4G sim. it works perfectly in my old s5 mini and signal is excellent here. I got new Internet settings too. G and E works. Why the hell doesnt the other bands register on network?

Imei shows it’s not blocked either. I’m in the UK on EE. I cannot understand. I have all the OTA updates. Can you tell me if I can fix it by doing something through service menus or anything?  Also, all sims do the same in this phone. Please, I beg of you help. also done a hard reset three times. — Amz

Solution: Hi Amz. Did you say this is a new S5 mini? Why not have it replaced? There clearly is problem on this phone, most probably hardware-related. You can only do so much to fix this problem on your own. There’s nothing that you can do under service menu to fix the issue as well. A thorough hardware diagnostics is needed to determine if the network-related components are working properly. We say get a replacement as soon as possible.

Problem #6: T-Mobile Galaxy S5 “Your data plan does not work on this device. Click here to sign up for a new data plan.” error

Since January 1st 2016 my Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t connect to the T-Mobile internet. Instead I get a webpage that says: “Your data plan does not work on this device. Click here to sign up for a new data plan.”

I have this plan since last year and it has been working great ever since! I tried soft reset, changing my APN, but it didn’t work!

I hope you guys can help me 🙂

Greetings. — Joyce

Solution: Hi Joyce. If the error is accurate, there might be some billing- or account-related issues that you need to settle with your carrier first before the device can use mobile data again. Make sure that you check with T-Mobile the status of your account to fix this.



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