Galaxy S5 restarts by itself while charging, when battery is low, other issues

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Below are the specific topics we’re discussing for you today:

  1. Galaxy S5 overheating and charging very slow
  2. Galaxy S5 stuck in Samsung logo screen
  3. Galaxy S5 shuts down on its own when battery is low
  4. File recovery issue on a Galaxy S5 that won’t turn on
  5. Galaxy S5 restarts by itself while charging

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Problem #1: Galaxy S5 overheating and charging very slow

I purchased my phone in April 2016. It was brand new. So I thought. I started having issues of charging in September. I’ve had two or three OS updates since I’ve had the phone but can’t remember if I got one between April and September. I went back to them to let them know, but they said it happens because it’s a computer and all electronics do that. I told the person this is my 4th Galaxy and my 10th touchscreen phone I never had that issue. They told me there is nothing they can do because it was past 30 days and to contact Samsung. I did, and found out the phone was not brand new as I was assured, and it had been activated in February 2015 and the warranty expired in February 2016. So I took it to my local cellphone store and he said it’s the battery and charger. I bought both, $25 for the battery $35 for the USB cord. It was OK, but sporadically I kept having the issue. I’ve now bought 4 batteries and 7 chargers. From December till now it will be OK for a few weeks and back to issues.

Last week, I woke up, it was on 21%. I plugged it in; it charged real slow. I changed the battery and cords, and it started to charge, but if I use the phone if even texting, it drains. If I turn it off to charge it will take 2–3 hours to get to 100%.

Also, it gets now so hot that I have to put it near the window to cool. I don’t know what to do. I paid $450 for the phone I had not even a year yet. Can you help? I’d appreciate any. — Rayne

Solution: Hi Rayne. Overheating observed alone may not be much but if it happens together with other symptoms like slow charging issue, it may mean that there’s a more serious underlying hardware issue. The phone’s charging port may be to blame. If that’s not that, another hardware component may not be working properly at this time. Because there’s no way that you can directly check the status of related relevant components, you must submit the phone to Samsung so the hardware can be checked. Average Android users are limited to doing software troubleshooting and we don’t think a software tweak on your end can help you at this time. If you want to do something on your end though, you can try to factory reset the device so you’ll know if it’ll make any difference. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power keys together.
  3. When the device powers on and displays ‘Power on logo’, release all keys and the Android icon will appear on the screen.
  4. Wait until the Android Recovery Screen appears after about 30 seconds.
  5. Using the Volume Down key, highlight the option, ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  6. Press the Volume Down button again until the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted and then press the Power key to select it.
  7. After the reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 stuck in Samsung logo screen

Hello! My Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps rebooting. It vibrates and “Samsung Galaxy S5” screen appears then the screen goes black and vibrates and “Samsung Galaxy S5” appears again. Again and again.

I tried to remove my battery. Push the buttons. Put back battery. It does the same.

Safe mode: I cannot go beyond the “Samsung Galaxy S5” screen. I don’t see the blue wave appearing.

Recovery reboot: On the screen “Samsung Galaxy S5” I saw the little message “recovery reboot” on the top left corner but then. same, it doesn’t go beyond this screen. Turn black and reboot again even if I don’t press anything. I would truly appreciate your support. Thank you in advance!! — Christophe

Solution: Hi Christophe. Try booting the phone to download mode to see if you can flash stock firmware to it. This is the only available option for you at this point. If the phone won’t boot to download mode at all, or remains stuck to the current screen, consider sending it to Samsung to be repaired or replaced.

To boot in download mode, follow these steps:

  • Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume DOWN keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume DOWN keys.
  • Wait until the Download screen appears.

If you can boot the phone in download mode but not in other modes, that means that your only way out may be to flash a stock or custom firmware.

Use Google to look for a guide on how to do it.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 shuts down on its own when battery is low

Galaxy S5 power fluctuates. When it gets to 15% it prompts to connect to charger and if I don’t, it will shut down. Battery is not the problem. Wife has same type phone. When my phone shows 15% I can connect it to charger and sometimes it goes up, maybe to 50% or another time it might start dropping and eventually go to 0%. The reason I say it is not the battery is because I can shut it down when reading 0%, take the battery out and put it in my wife’s and her phone will read 100% and will work fine. An example from tonight. My phone had 26% charge showing. I put it on charge for 2 hrs and it wouldn’t go above 48%. I took the battery out and put it in wife’s phone and it read 100%. I took my wife’s battery which was reading 57% on her phone and put it in my phone. It read 48% and started dropping 45, 35,33,31, 30% and an hour later it was at 0%. unplugged charger and it shut down. Started it up 2 hrs later and it showed 16% and got charger hookup alarm at 15%. Checked wife’s phone and hour after putting my battery in her phone and shed still had 100%. Two hours later she still has 90% and she has been using it. Mine was not in use during the previous write up. It is like the phone is not really responding correctly to a battery that is really charged. Any suggestion? — Lanijoka

Solution: Hi Lanijoka. The phone’s operating system may not be reading the actual battery level due to some bugs. There are two things that you can try to fix the issue. The first one involves recalibrating the battery. Here’s how:

  1. Use the phone by playing games or doing tasks to hasten power discharge, until the phone turns itself off.
  2. Turn the phone on again and let it turn itself off.
  3. Charge the phone without turning it back on.
  4. Wait until the battery says it fully charged to 100%
  5. Unplug the charger and turn the phone on.
  6. If the phone says it’s not 100% anymore, turn it off, plug the charger back in and wait until 100% charge is reached.
  7. Unplug the charger the turn the phone on again.
  8. Use the phone until you drain the battery down to 0.
  9. Repeat the cycle once.

If battery recalibration won’t change anything, start the phone anew by performing a factory reset. Remember, this process will wipe all user data such as photos, videos, etc., so make sure to create a backup before doing it. For details on how to do it, refer to the steps above.

Problem #4: File recovery issue on a Galaxy S5 that won’t turn on

Hi there, I am wondering if you might be able to help with my phone. I have an old S5 but I’m not sure what the operating system is. The problem is, on holiday maybe 2 years ago it ran out of battery completely. I plugged it in using someone else’s charger and it wouldn’t turn on. After looking on Google I found out how to reboot it and managed to get it onto the reboot mode (you know saying locked, with several rebooting options and the 3 little android robots at the bottom). None of the actual options seemed to work but eventually I got it to charge and come on by pressing randomly on the volume and power buttons for ages. I tried to keep my phone charged at all times to avoid the same situation, but once or twice it did run out and I managed to get it back on from the reboot page pressing random buttons. This took longer and longer to work each time. Eventually i got a new phone and forgot about this one completely.

However, I just realized I never backed up all my images and stuff so I’m trying to get it back on now. This is probably about a year since it died last. I can’t get it back on for the life of me. It just stays on the reboot screen. None of the options work apart from power down and fiddling around with it for hours on end seems to bring nothing up. If the power is off and I plug it in to charge, the battery icon comes up for like 2 seconds before going to the reboot screen again. I’ve looked online and some people suggest keeping the power button pressed down for hours, but that doesn’t seem to work. My computer won’t recognize it. I’ve been in touch with Samsung and they seem to think there’s nothing left that can be done. Why I think there is still a chance is that I used to be able to get it on before.

Also, my boyfriend has the same phone, also out of use now, but we tried to turn his on the other day and he had the same problem. It wouldn’t charge and came up with the reboot screen. But after messing around with it for about 15 mins we got it on. Maybe mine is in a worse condition but it seems crazy there is now way to get it to charge. I’m an idiot for not backing up all my images I know, but I’m really hoping you might have some suggestions, as now I realize I might lose them forever I want them back! Thanks so much. — Anna

Solution: Hi Anna. We do not and cannot know for sure what the problem might be but you can try to narrow down the possible causes until the issue is identified. Most boot-related problems are caused by a bad charging port so the first thing that you want to do is to use a known, working official Samsung charger to see if charges the phone fine. Leave the phone charging for at least 30 minutes using a good charger. Afterwards, try to power the phone back on again.

If, on the other hand, the phone won’t charge at all, the next step in the troubleshooting ladder is by checking the charging port. For this one, you need some form of magnification like the one you find in a typical electronic shop. Your aim is to check if there’s a bent pin or dirt in the charging port that might block the charger from making good contact. If you can’t find any magnification aid, have the phone checked by a technician.

You also want to check if you can boot the phone to safe mode. If you’re lucky, you may be able to start the phone in this manner, which also means you will be able to back your files up. Here’s how to boot the phone to safe mode:

  1. Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. Once the ‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ logo appears, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Continue holding the button until the phone finishes rebooting.
  5. Once you see the text “Safe mode” at the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume Down button.

The only difference of safe mode from normal mode is that the former prevents third party apps from running.

Finally, you can try wiping the cache partition if the phone fails to boot to safe mode. This process can only be done if you can successfully boot the phone to recovery mode. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key.
  3. When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  4. When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  5. Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  6. Press the Power key to select.
  7. When the wipe cache partition is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  8. Press the Power key to restart the device.

If the phone remains unresponsive or stuck in the same particular screen, there’s nothing more that you can do as far as recovering your files are concerned. You may still be able to power the phone back on but all the remaining solutions require wiping the primary storage device.

Problem #5: Galaxy S5 restarts by itself while charging

Hello. Can you please help me fix my phone? Here is the problem: While charging after some amount of time it restarts all by itself. I saw that happening 3 times and i stopped charging it. I tried many thing, none solved problem. I tried to wipe cache partition, then factory reset, then with a fresh software disabled some preinstalled apps, change power charging cable (a guy from i bought phone told me to try charging with it). I tried charging it with other chargers in the house because i really needed it, charging it via notebook because i thought maybe power brick is damaged).

Today i bought a new battery called “COMICELL” from the guy (on the package it says to charge it for 12-14 hours while phone is turned off for three times). I started first charge and after 30 minutes device restarted two times. i unplugged it. I got 32GB microSD card (is it possible to cause problems?! it was mostly without any data) and my device is 2 years and 3 months old. All of my phones are still in good shape, I have never left a phone without turning of options like Wifi or Bluetooth etc… and i clear ram memory with task manager many times a day. Can you please help me, i haven’t used my phone for a week. Answer me soon. Thanks. — Bojan

Solution: Hi Bojan. Android troubleshooting is simple — if you’ve already tried all software solutions, then hardware must be to blame. That using another set of battery did not help should have told you that there must be something in the phone that causes it to have these problems. What that “something” is may or may not be identified after a thorough hardware check. You still want to have a professional check the device though.

As you’ve already tried everything that can be done software-wise (cache partition wipe, factory reset, etc.) you can assume that there’s no software hack that can fix the problem. Unless you have solid electronics knowledge and training to handle specific issues on Samsung devices, there’s basically nothing that you can do to try and fix a hardware problem. We doubt it’s a software problem but you try flashing a stock ROM of course.

And NO, a microSD card cannot cause a Galaxy S5 to randomly restart by itself. If you suspect it’s causing the problem, do a common sense troubleshooting by removing it from the system. If random reboot issue stops when the card is not inserted (we doubt it), then it may be the root cause.


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