Galaxy S4 S Beam Can’t Transfer Music

galaxy s4 s beam

Some users have been complaining about their Samsung Galaxy S4 S Beam due to its inability to transfer music files despite being able to share videos and pictures successfully. Based on a thread in the Verizon Wireless forums, this appears to be a software limitation on the part of the device which I personally find very lame since the Galaxy S3 can do this conveniently.

Solutions if Galaxy S4 S Beam Can’t Transfer Music

According to the Verizon Customer Support, the matter has already been elevated to Samsung due to the number of complaints that they have been getting about this particular limitation of the Galaxy S4 S Beam. So, we will all just have to wait until Samsung rolls out a fix for this problem through a software update. However, Verizon did suggest though that a temporary alternative for this is via the Wi-Fi Direct option of the device.

Here is a video detailing how you can do this while Samsung is still sorting out the solution to the inability of the Galaxy S4 S Beam to transfer music files:

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