Galaxy S4 Active crops up on the GFXBench database

This isn’t the first time we are hearing about a rugged version of Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 active and today we have some more news on the device. The device was seen on the GFXBench database and the benchmark results have revealed more hardware information.

s4 active bench details

The benchmark results show that the device with the model name, Samsung SGH-I537, will feature a MSM8960 processor which means that Samsung has ditched the traditional octa core and the quad core processors found on the original galaxy s4. If you remember correctly, this was the same processor used in the Galaxy S3 devices (US Version). So, it’s a dual core processor clocked at 1.9 GHz. A bit disappointing we would say, especially when the S4 features octa core and quad core processors while the S4 Active, a device from the same family going for a less powerful processor.

We also know that the device is set to release in the country via at&t and that the device would run on the latest android version (4.2.2) featuring a display resolution of 1920×1080.

The S4 active would be dust proof and water proof as mentioned a few weeks back but other than the specs are just disappointing. Earlier, rumors suggested that it would feature the same specifications as the S4. Now, seeing these specs, I think it’s safe to assume that S4 active would be a mid range device. As a result, users who want a dust proof and water proof phone will have to settle for a less snappier version of the S4. We just hope that the other features like the camera, connectivity and the software features are just like the ones found on the original Galaxy S4.

If earlier rumors were to be believed then we would see the device pretty soon. Samsung will most likely release the S4 Active, S4 Mini and the S4 zoom next month. 

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