Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Solutions – Part 12

Galaxy S3 Showing Cracked Images



I came across your website and thought you might be able to help. 

The attached image explains my current problem with this phone.  My images are fine when I shoot them… Then randomly *crack* and I cannot restore or display or anything. 

Yesterday my phone decided to not read the memory card.  I restarted and re inserted the card and made sure it isn’t loose… It’s driving me crazy.

I hope you can help find a solution.



Israa was so kind to send us the screenshot of he sees when this problem occurs. This is what it looks like:

Galaxy S3 Cracked Images

Basically, the phone displays “cracked” images instead of thumbnails. Israa didn’t specify if photos were shot using the Galaxy S3 or if they were shot using different camera and were simply saved into the microSD card, which he inserted into his phone.

The cracked images mean the phone couldn’t load thumbnails because the source drive isn’t accessible or cannot be read. The reason why there aren’t thumbnails showing is because they were not cached.

If they were taken using the phone’s camera, the images will automatically be saved into the built-in memory (not the microSD card), will be cached by the Gallery app where thumbnails are automatically be extracted from the original images, and will be synced with Google+ or Picasa if syncing options were enabled. This process will never produce a cracked image even if original photos were deleted from the memory because thumbnails are cached in a different directory that only Galley app could access.

Our recommendation for this problem is to back up everything inside the microSD card because there is a tendency it will become unusable all of the sudden. SD cards that becomes undetectable from time to time is showing early signs of trouble. Again, backup everything and reformat the card then try to use it and see if cracked images still show when images from it are accessed via the Gallery app in the Galaxy S3.

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  1. I have a probelm with my SIII it keeps changing its prorile from loud to vibration on its own when Im not even near it what shall I do? Also it keeps making that messages whistle when there is no notifications! Its really weird it keeps doing stuff by itself. And one day I was going through the photos and when I was done I found the photos displayed on my smart Tv !! I never connected them that seemed super crazy! I need solutions for my problems I just had the phone 3 weeks ago and it already is driving me nuts!

  2. Nevermind found it but it was just download (had to different download apps) but did that and work great. Thanks you for the solution to the problem.

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