Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Solutions – Part 12


This is the 12th edition of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series. We’ve already addressed more than a hundred issues our readers emailed us about but still there are many who still have problems with their phones.

In this post, we will be answering five questions from our readers. Please note that we just copied the five emails and pasted them here. So, the questions/problems are unedited and some may contain punctuation and grammar errors.

As always, we are open to questions. So, feel free to send us emails at [email protected] to tell us about things that bug you and your phone. Hundreds of our readers have actually emailed us with their problems and many said they didn’t want to give us more trouble by writing long emails.

But we say make your emails as detailed and as long as possible for us to be able to understand better what we’re dealing with. If possible, send us screenshots and pictures that could help explain the problem. It’s okay for us to read long emails as long as they do make sense.

For our readers who may have known effective ways to solve any problem mentioned here and in our previous posts, we are also open to your solutions if you want to share them with us. We will be happy to publish them in our next editions.

Problems Addressed

  1. Stopped Working
  2. 135MB Memory Free Out of 835MB
  3. Galaxy S3 Lock and Ringtone Problems
  4. How To Close App Temporarily and Permanently
  5. Galaxy S3 Showing Cracked Images

4 Replies to “Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Solutions – Part 12”

  1. I have a probelm with my SIII it keeps changing its prorile from loud to vibration on its own when Im not even near it what shall I do? Also it keeps making that messages whistle when there is no notifications! Its really weird it keeps doing stuff by itself. And one day I was going through the photos and when I was done I found the photos displayed on my smart Tv !! I never connected them that seemed super crazy! I need solutions for my problems I just had the phone 3 weeks ago and it already is driving me nuts!

  2. Nevermind found it but it was just download (had to different download apps) but did that and work great. Thanks you for the solution to the problem.

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