Galaxy S3 Problem: Software Update Service Not Available

Software Update Service Not Available
The screenshot provided by the sender.

Here is a message that we received just recently in Mailbag, “Hello, I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I-9300) phone. Last month I upgraded its firmware to Android 4.3 which has a lot of issues and Samsung stopped the update for quite a long time.  For the past two days, the firmware upgrade widget appeared showing that there is a new update. But when I try to update, I see a message saying that the software update service is not available. Then, it says that the maximum rollout update has been exceeded.  Why is that? My current version is XXUGMMJ9 and I am having so much trouble with bugs in that. My phone is not rooted and when I try it with Kies it says that the latest firmware has been installed.  I bought my phone from UK and currently using it in Bangladesh.  What should I do now?  I have attached a screen shot  for you.  Please help me with the issue.”

Possible Solutions to the “Software Update Service Not Available” Problem in Galaxy S3

After fishing for possible solutions to the problem, I found something that several users confirmed to have worked for them. Here are the steps to solve the “Software Update Service Not Available” error, as suggested by contributors in the Verizon Wireless forum:

1. Remove the MicroSD card of the phone.

2. Perform a Factory Reset (be sure that you have backed up all your important data prior to this step).

3. Upon logging in to your Gooogle account, your phone will start downloading all your apps. Simply stop the process. This is very important.

4. Go to Settings.

5. Choose About Device.

6. Proceed to Software Update and you will see that the download is already available.

7. Download and install the update.

Some users in the same forum suggested that if the above steps do not work, simply get a new SIM card, repeat the same process and use the new SIM in the phone. Only a few confirmed that this worked though but it is worth a try if the steps above fail to work.

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Source: Verizon Wireless Forum