Galaxy S3 and S4 Blank Text From Unknown Sender and Other Problems

This article will try to explain the possible causes of the Galaxy S3 and S4 blank text from an unknown sender issue plus the problems related to battery, camera and Wi-Fi.

#1 Galaxy S3 and S4 Blank Text From Unknown Sender

There have been some users saying that they keep on getting SMS messages with no text at all and it the sender is reflected as unknown. One user even told us through Mailbag email that she keeps on getting these types of messages on a specific time of the day.

There are common possibilities of this issue:

a. Phone Glitch

If you do not see anything wrong with your phone settings, maybe there’s a bug in your phone. Backup your device and try doing a factory reset to solve the issue.

b. App, Virus or Malware

This can be triggered by a virus or malware too. Uninstall any suspicious app that is running in your phone or use a reliable antivirus or anti-malware tool for it.

c. Spy App

Wrong or poorly executed commands from a spy app can cause this. Check out this article for its detection and removal.

d. Auto-Generated Message From Business

There is no option for domestic users to hide their contact information. One likely source could be a business establishment that wrongly configured its auto-generated SMS.

e. Pranksters

If you regularly get this, another reason is that you might be on the receiving end of an elaborate prank from someone. There are actually sites that enable people to send blank texts with unknown sender information like Txtemnow, Textem, Anontxt, Textforfree, Txtdrop and others. You can easily find these through Google.

#2 Galaxy S3 and S4 Quick Battery Drain and Phone Not Charging

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#3 Camera Lags, Camera Overheating and Camera Shut Down Issues in Galaxy S3 and S4

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#4 Wi-Fi Authentication and Internet Problems of the Galaxy S3 and S4

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