Galaxy S III CM10 Jelly Bean Available for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

Good news for developers looking for a preview builds from CyanogenMod for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. A preview build of the CM10 built on the Android 4.1 JB has been released by CyanogenMod. Three versions of the preview build firmware have been released so far, one each for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

With the Galaxy S III CM10 Jelly Bean available for the three carriers, question will come up about which carrier did not get one. No prizes for guessing that though. The Verizon locked bootloader made it impossible for the developers to make one for it. However users can still opt for the developer’s edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been released recently with an unlocked bootloader. It’s clear though that with an unlocked bootloader, users will get no warranties from the carrier. Plus the develop version comes with no contract and a stiff price ticket, which makes it a bad buy.

If you are a user and not looking for developer’s edition, then the release of the stable CM10 is still some time away. This being a preview release, it will have several bugs and issues that the development team at CyanogenMod has not yet been able to fix. As such, it is not advisable to install the current preview release for the CM10. Officially, there are no warranties for rooted devices running alternate firmware. So running a preview release can become even more complicated for users who are not technical enough to take care of issues cropping up.

Hoping to get the stable release? No official communication has been released yet by CyanogenMod regarding the release of the stable CM10. Users waiting for the CM10 can however expect that to happen soon enough as now JB has already been released to the open source community. Users can log on to the Xda-Developers Forum and check the progress of the stable release and keep a tab on the release date.

Via: Android Authority

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