Galaxy Note 4 no longer charging properly after it got wet, camera won’t focus, other issues

For those looking for #GalaxyNote4 solutions, make sure not to skip this post. We bring you 6 other Note 4 issues that were submitted during the past few days. We hope that material will be another good reference for Note 4 users and our Android community in general.

Below are the specific topics we bring to you today:

  1. Galaxy Note 4 keeps rebooting on its own
  2. Galaxy Note 4 apps not working, keeps saying apps have stopped
  3. Galaxy Note 4 no longer charging properly after it got wet
  4. Galaxy Note 4 stuck in boot loop
  5. Galaxy Note 4 not working, won’t boot back up
  6. Galaxy Note 4 camera won’t autofocus

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 4 keeps rebooting on its own

Hi. My Note 4 all of a sudden turned off when I was reading something online. It had  about 80% charge as I did a quick charge just before. I tried the reset method by holding down the power key as I’ve had to do this more recently (and remove battery at times) but this didn’t work. My sister told me to try a soft reset but this has not worked. Presently it is stuck on the Samsung Note 4 logo appearing then switching off and vibrating twice every few seconds. When the screen does light up it is stuck on the phone logo but also that the phone is rebooting. After doing this for about 5/10 mins it then sticks on this screen (Samsung Galaxy Not 4 / recovery booting). Please help!!!! — Cswilliams69

Solution: Hi Cswilliams69. The most important thing to do right now is to determine if you can make the phone boot up normally or not. This can be accomplished by booting the device to alternate modes — safe mode, recovery mode, and download mode. Each of these modes offer you a different approach to resolution so if your phone will respond to any of them and become stable, you may still be able to fix the problem at your level. If your phone continues randomly reboot though, bring it to a Samsung service center so the hardware can be checked.

For reference, below are the steps on how to boot your phone to different modes:

Boot in Recovery mode:

  • Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  • When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Using the Volume Down key, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • You can either wipe the cache partition or do a factory reset when in this mode.

Boot in Download Mode:

  • Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume DOWN keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume DOWN keys.
  • Wait until the Download screen appears.
  • If you can boot the phone in download mode but not in other modes, that means that your only way out may be to flash a stock or custom firmware.
  • Use Google to look for a guide on how to do it.

Boot in safe mode:

  • Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Once the ‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ logo appears, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • Continue holding the button until the phone finishes rebooting.
  • Once you see the text “Safe mode” at the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume Down button.
  • The only difference of safe mode from normal mode is that the former prevents third party apps from running. If you can boot the phone in safe mode but not in normal mode, uninstall all apps until the issue (that prevents you from booting normally) is eliminated.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 4 apps not working, keeps saying apps have stopped

Ok I have a Note 4 and it has needed the latest update. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough free space for this so it has not been able to update. Well this morning it is now giving me the following messages that I can not get around no matter how many times I click the ok button: Unfortunately the phone has stopped, The process has stopped, Nfc has stopped, as well as programs that have stopped.

I do not want to have to factory reset if possible because I don’t want to lose all my data. I have tried to get to the setting to clear the cache and cookies but I can’t get into anything because the phone is not responding. I don’t know what version I have now so I don’t know what to put in or how to find that information out. Please help. — Bonnie

Solution: Hi Bonnie. Try booting the phone to recovery mode first so you can then do a cache partition wipe. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons first, and then press and hold the Power key.
  • Keep the three buttons pressed and when ‘Samsung Galaxy Note4’ shows, release the Power key but continue holding the other two.
  • Once the Android logo shows, release both the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • The notice ‘Installing system update’ will show on the screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery screen is shown with its options.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • When the process is complete, use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.
  • The reboot may take a little longer to complete but don’t worry and wait for the device to become active.

If wiping the cache partition won’t work, we’re afraid you’re going to need to do a factory reset.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 4 no longer charging properly after it got wet

I bought my Samsung Note 4 when it first came out, so about two years ago this January. I did not have any problems with it until recently. A few months ago, around May or June, I noticed that the battery started to progressively drain faster. To top it off, for the past two months or so, my phone would die when the battery reached 40%.

Four days ago I accidentally knocked my phone into the sink while washing dishes. Since I have a case on it, and I quickly took it out of the water, the phone itself did not get wet. The only thing that managed to get wet was the charging port. However, I immediately dried the port and connected the phone to a charger to make sure it would still charge. Luckily for me it did.

For the next two days, the phone had no problems charging. As a side note, during that time, I never turned off my phone nor let it die.

On the third day I was out of town and forgot to pack my charger so my phone died. Once I got home, I connected it to a charger and found that it would not charge (my phone is set to vibrate when it has been connected to a charger). Then suddenly, it just kept vibrating, about one vibration per second, and the light that indicates whether the phone is charging, kept turning on and off (in coordination with the vibrations).

So, I left it like that for about two hours and it finally charged enough for me to turn it on. Out of curiosity, I connected the phone to my computer and saw that it started to charge. With my computer, it charges much easier, but it does still take a couple of tries. So, long story short, my phone charges with a wall charger sparsely (almost never) and only when it is on. However, it can charge from my computer. Any suggestions? Thank you! — Armendariz

Solution: Hi Armendariz. Given that the phone’s charging port got wet before, the problem is most likely not software in nature. That means that the charging quirk is being caused by a hardware malfunction. Because the phone should already be out of manufacturer’s warranty at this time, you can’t count on Samsung to do a free checkup of the hardware. However, we still recommend that you send them the phone and have the charging port cleaned up, or replaced to fix the issue permanently. If Samsung service center is out of the question though, consider having the phone checked by a qualified third party technician.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 4 stuck in boot loop

Hi. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from last 2 years; from last couple of weeks phone randomly restarts and sometimes while booting up it gives me screen saying “normal boot could not happen” and it shows screen of something getting downloading and warning to “not shut down the device.” I have tried to keep phone is this situation for couple of hours multiple times but nothing could happen so i took battery out and put it again to restart the phone. Then phone starts again normally. However this doesn’t happen after every random restart. I went for factory reset also but even that didn’t help. Please suggest a solution. Thanks. — Tejas

Solution: Hi Tejas. We doubt if doing any software solution will help you in this case. That factory reset did not change anything is a clear indicator that the problem is not on the software side at all. If you want a permanent fix for the problem, we suggest that you send the phone to Samsung so the hardware can be checked. Make sure to emphasize that the issue happens intermittently so they can observe the phone longer.

Before sending the phone to them, you can try to recalibrate the battery to see if that will help. Recalibration retrains the operating system how to read battery levels correctly. Sometimes, erratic battery reading can lead to random reboot so this step is worth trying. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use the phone by playing games or doing tasks to hasten power discharge, until the phone turns itself off.
  • Turn the phone on again and let it turn itself off.
  • Charge the phone without turning it back on.
  • Wait until the battery says it fully charged to 100%
  • Unplug the charger and turn the phone on.
  • If the phone says it’s not 100% anymore, turn it off, plug the charger back in and wait until 100% charge is reached.
  • Unplug the charger the turn the phone on again.
  • Use the phone until you drain the battery down to 0.
  • Repeat the cycle once.

You can also try using a new and official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery if battery calibration won’t help. Keep in mind that lithium-based batteries like the one in your Note 4 degrades over time. Try using a new one to see if that will help.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 4 not working, won’t boot back up

Hi there. I read the help you gave on your website in regards to Samsung Note 4s not working, however nothing fitted the description of what I’m experiencing. I hope you can give me an idea of what to do.

When going out, I made sure my phone had plenty of charge. It had around 70% at 7pm. Within the next two hours it had discharged to around 40%, which I thought was just down to apps running in the background as I had not been using it. When I came to shut them down, none were running at all. I didn’t think much of it as my Note 4 is almost 2 years old and I know smartphones don’t last forever.

An hour later, my phone was on 30%, I had only used it to briefly send a message. Next time I looked at it, it was dead and wouldn’t turn back on. I thought it must have run it’s battery down and so just waited till I got home to charge it.

When I got home, I put it on charge straight away. The charging battery icon didn’t load but thought it was so flat it couldn’t display that yet. I waited a while, but still nothing. Fortunately, we have an old Note 4 in the house that someone else was using till they got a new phone (I should note that other than a slightly faulty battery, which has now been replaced, there is nothing wrong with this model). I took out that battery after seeing it still powered up as normal and put it in my own Note 4 and left it on charge. Still nothing. I am now relying on the older model to get me by, which is working fine at the moment.

I’ve tried hooking the broken phone up to my PC and still nothing, I also attempted a factory reset but the screen does nothing and it doesn’t vibrate like it should.

There are images and music on the old phone, as well as all my apps that are still logged into (including mobile banking) and I want to know if you can suggest any ways I can revive my phone or retrieve these files. Thankyou very much. Sincerely. — Hannah

Solution: Hi Hannah. There’s usually nothing much that you can do in this case, especially if you’ve already tried using another known working battery. There must be an unknown hardware malfunction that prevents the phone from booting back up. Sometimes, it can be a bad power button so try to press it as hard as you can to see if that will make any difference. We also suggest that you try to boot the device to alternate modes as mentioned above (safe mode, download mode, and recovery mode). If all the above modes won’t work, or won’t turn the phone back on, start to consider having the unit replaced or repaired.

As far as your files are concerned, there’s nothing much that you can about them either. Their recovery depends on whether or not the phone boots to normal mode or safe mode. If the phone refuses to boot to any of these modes, those files are good as gone.

Problem #6: Galaxy Note 4 camera won’t autofocus

I hope this hasn’t already been covered a hundred times on your site. I did try to search, but my web-fu is weak…

I have a Note 4 that’s I’ve had for some time. I really like the phone, but the camera has started acting wonky. I aim, let’s say at a scrumptious dinner I want to taunt the folks back home with, and tap the screen to focus. It’s focuses, then unfocuses. Again. Again. Again. Each time I tap it, it won’t stay focused. Things further off, no problem. Or, sometimes I tap it once, twice, and the third time it focuses. It’s pretty random.

It was a Note 4, originally through Sprint, although it is now unlocked, and I am using it overseas. It’s had this camera issue off and on for a long time, not just since unlocked. My eyesight is bad enough that I didn’t really notice it before, plus I rarely take closeups with it, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. But I ran across your website while researching the issue…

Also, battery life sucks. I’m using Android Version 5.0 (not sure what the name is) I show that Auto backup is being done to one of my Google Accounts. I’ve never had to use a backup…will it automatically access that backup file(s) when I do a factory reset? I am going to go ahead and take all my pictures off, but I’d really rather not have to remember all the apps to download again ?

Thank you and let me know if there’s any other info you need,

Best. — Michele

Solution: Hi Michele. Focusing problems has been around ever since digital cameras become part of smartphone package. Most of the time, users are simply not aware how to use their smartphone camera properly when it comes to focusing. Below are some of the possible reasons why your phone’s camera won’t stay focused.

Subject is too near. If you’re shooting objects or subjects at very close range, you’re making it very hard for camera to distinguish between focus point and the point where everything starts to fall out of focus. Such a shallow depth of field can confuse the autofocus function of your camera, causing it to  focus in and out. In other words, autofocus won’t know for sure where you want to place the focus point. Try backing up a bit to give enough space between the object and the lens.

There’s not enough light. Low light conditions can sometimes confuse the camera too. Make sure that there’s enough lighting when you take your pictures so the camera can recognize the point of focus.

Low contrast situation. Just like low light scenario, a low contrast scene can lead to autofocus not working properly most of the time. A camera’s lens needs contrast in order to recognize edges and hence, lock focus. If you’re trying to get a picture of a scene with an all-white color, chances are your camera will be unable to decide where to focus. This will lead to a situation called “hunting”, wherein the camera keeps on focusing in, focusing out, and focusing in again.

If you’ve already tried all these basic autofocus tips before, then the most probable cause for your problem is the hardware itself. Consider calling Samsung for a phone replacement.


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