Galaxy Note 12.2 and Dual SIM Samsung Smartphone Duo Get FCC and Bluetooth SIG Blessings

It’s a busy, busy day in Samsung’s offices, as three unannounced and unreleased Sam-made gadgets have been caught red-handed while trying to discreetly get the green light from either the FCC or Bluetooth SIG.

Galaxy Note 12.2

Well, that failed miserably, but we can’t complain. Not when one of the three is the oft-rumored Galaxy Note 12.2, moving one step closer to a commercial launch that might or might not happen this year. Probably not, but then why is Samsung in such a hurry to get all the approvals needed before a release?

Good question and, instead of answers, I give you the most relevant detail revealed by the FCC about the tab carrying the model number SM-P900 and so far only “believed” to be the Wi-Fi only version of a Galaxy Note 12.2: there’s room for storing an S Pen at the very top of the slate. Hence, this is now officially a future member of the GNote line.

Galaxy Note 12.2-2

Remember, an SM-P905 very recently earned FCC’s blessing, being near certainly a variation of the same exact device with some added cellular bands (i.e. 4G LTE).

Sadly, the governmental agency’s fresh listing doesn’t supply us with any other revelations. Unless you count the product dimensions (358 mm diagonal, 295 mm height and 204 mm width) as one. I don’t, as the previous certification also unveiled that piece of info, with the numbers being near identical.

Moving on, there was a Samsung smartphone knocking on FCC’s door a little while ago as well, this one dubbed SM-G7102. The letter and number combo doesn’t really connect with devices out and about, so there’s a good shot this fellow will be something never before seen.


Or will it? Based on a User Agent Profile tracked on Samsung’s official website, the G7102 will come with a 5.25-inch 720p screen in tow, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and, get this, 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU. Oh, and dual SIM support too.

Granted, the spec sheet as a whole still fails to ring any bells, but if you put some thought into it, it all becomes clear as day. What we’re looking at here is an upper mid-ranger destined for Asian markets as a sort of Galaxy S4 and Note 3 alternative. Think Galaxy Grand for the S3 and Note 2.


Finally, as far as the GT-I9060 goes, we’re even lighter on specifics. Spotted at Bluetooth SIG, the phone is tipped to sport a 5-inch panel with an unknown resolution and run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Dual SIM support is also present, so, just like the previously mentioned handheld, this is Asia-bound. Or maybe tailor-made for thrifty Europeans.

Judging by its model number, the I9060 may share a few common traits with the Galaxy Grand, aka GT-I9080, and the Galaxy S Advance, also known as GT-I9070. Yawn, right?

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