Galaxy Nexus users sign petition and send it to Sundar Pichai

Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was excluded from Google’s Android 4.4 update list, which has certainly puzzled many users. And to convince Google to change its mind, some Galaxy Nexus users filed a petition at¬† This petition has already received over 3,400 comments and more than 14,000 signatures, meaning it has received a lot of support. Now this petition has been sent to the Google headquarters, addressed to Sundar Pichai who heads the Android division at the company.

We’re not sure if this petition will have any affect on Google and its update rollout plans, but from what I remember, Google explained the situation regarding the update pretty well. With Texas Instruments not involved in any development plans, it’s hard for Google to work with the company to bring an update meant specifically for the smartphone. While the handset is way beyond the minimum hardware requirement for Android 4.4 KitKat, it’s the limitations with the chipset which has caused Google to step back. But we’ll see if this new petition will change anything.

Source: Change

Via: Talk Android