Galaxy Gear will launch with 12 featured apps


The Galaxy Gear is a new move in the wearables market and the first from Samsung, who revealed the smartwatch at IFA. The Galaxy Gear will have twelve apps at launch, with more on the way according to the South Korean firm.

The first twelve include:

  • Path – The social app currently available on iOS and Android. Path will send notifications to the watch, allow the user to take photos with the camera on the Galaxy Gear and allow users to browse Path’s friend feed.
  • Evernote – Allowing users to browse, check and get notified about dates and meetings. Evernote will also allow users to add notes and add camera photos from the Galaxy Gear.
  • Pocket – It is odd that anyone would want to read articles on the Galaxy Gear, considering the screen is 1.63-inch. Pocket will offer a condensed version of the app, allowing users to save the content to another device for later reading.
  • eBay – When bidding or selling an item, eBay will notify through the watch to detail payments. Users can also bid and sell items through the Galaxy Gear, although we are not exactly sure why anyone would want to do it.
  • Glympse – Allows friends to see movements for a short amount of time with location tools. This could be useful since the Galaxy Gear will be attached to the wrist, but with users carrying smartphones everywhere nowadays it doesn’t differentiate.
  • Atooma – Makes sure if a user sets a certain command, it works. For instance, setting the command to make sure nobody rings when battery life is low.
  • TripIt – Users can make travel plans through the Galaxy Gear, may work with notifications on featured places and nearby places.
  • Vivino Wine Scanner – Quite the niche app, Vivino will allow users to take any bottle of wine, show it in front of the Galaxy Gear camera and instantly get information about it.
  • RunKeeper – Fitness app allowing users to track their daily routine, set goals and get information on how well you did.
  • MyFitness Pal – Another fitness app with nutrition and exercise goals, daily workout routines and other fitness help and information. Users have the choice of fitness apps at launch.
  • Line – Messaging service with integration on multiple platforms, allows the user to get updates and reply. WhatsApp sadly is not on the list, neither is Facebook Messenger.
  • Banjo – Another location app showing concerts and other things happening in the neighbourhood.

Sadly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare are all not on the Galaxy Gear at launch. We believe Samsung will look for more partnerships quick, to boost the experience on the smartwatch.