Gadget Spotlight: Livio’s Internet Radio

When I want to listen to music, the first thing I do it go to my computer or my phone. Whether it’s Pandora, Slacker, Rdio, or I Heart Radio. Truth of the matter is that internet radio has become our main source of music in our homes. And just about everyone I know either listens to their iPods, Android Phones, or Satellite radio in their cars.

Well, Livio has come out with a radio that can connect to wi-fi and play your local stations, over 20,000 internet stations from across the country and Pandora. It is stylish and has this great retro look to it so it will fit in anywhere in your house.

After using this radio for a few weeks I was seriously impressed. It has great sound, and it automatically pulls my Pandora account straight from the website or my phone. It has the same thumbs up and thumbs down button as you have on the website and it works flawlessly.

I think I was most impressed when I had an issue the first time I tried to hook the radio up to my wi-fi and couldn’t get it to connect. I was advised to contact the customer care and they were the nicest and most helpful customer service I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. So you know that even if there was an issue with your radio, you have some of the nicest people to deal with when it comes to technical support.

The MSRP of this radio is $119.99 and I think it’s totally worth it. Also right now with the promo code “thumbs60” you get free shipping. But that offer won’t last too much longer so I wouldn’t waste time on getting a hold of one of these. You can get yours now by clicking here and visiting Livio’s website!

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