G2 Pricing Leaked!

Since the actual announcement of the G2, we’ve done a fair bit or rumor busting and product images and leaks. A steady flow of information is coming in about the device now, that by the time it is released you will either “NEED ONE” or be more interested in another device. One of the great things about Android is that we are not tied to a single anything – be it form factor, screen size, UI, or anything really. With that in mind, for those who are still clicking refresh every 20 seconds for the latest bit of G2 Juicies – here’s another for you! The G2 Pricing has been leaked!

Our friends at TMONews grabbed this image with pricing of the G2. It looks like the G2 will be offered right alongside the Vibrant at $199 with a contract. Alternatively, it seems the device will only be $499 for those of us who choose not to live with Contracts. The $499 price point is significant in that it is less than most paid for their Nexus One’s. The option is clearly there, giving users the ability to keep the Nexus Concept alive by going non-contract. What will you do?