Future Report – Angry Birds causes worldwide shutdown!

That’s what the title of the only newspaper that will still be publishing next week, because they all own Blackberries, after the full version of Angry Birds hits the Market. The release, due within the next 24 hours, will stunt productivity across the globe with it’s strangely addictive nature.

The full version, being released after months of great beta gameplay, should go off without a hitch. Bugs have been collected and sorted by the guys at Rovio, and my experience so far with the full version has been nothing but pleasant. If fact, I am not even writing this article right now. I am still playing Angry Birds, and am dictating this to my daughter, who doesn’t get a turn because I havent beaten the first stage yet.

That’s right, Stages. More than one. Tons of levels to beat and try to perfect, as well as “Golden Eggs” and various other goodies wait for you. I would tell you more, but really you have all stopped reading because you are in the market right now refreshing until the game gets there. If you are still reading, you haven’t played the beta, and therefore are one of the last remaining productive humans on the planet.

In celebration of the end of humanity, The Droid Guy will be running a contest. The first 25 people who email [email protected] with screenshots or pictures taken of three stars on each level in the game will win a special prize. Enjoy!

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  1. Today was a good day to book off on holiday. Lots of (wasted?) time spent playing Angry Birds without ending up with an Angry Boss! 🙂

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