FunMobility Chosen As Top Android Aggregator Partner By Verizon Wireless For Vcast Apps

California based FunMobility has been chosen by Verizon Wireless as one of the top Android Aggregator
partners for Vcast. Verizon announced their Vcast app store earlier this year offering a safe way for their
users to download quality apps from vetted partner sources. Although the app space is currently growing
leaps and bounds, FunMobility has been in the business since 1999 and a partner with Verizon Wireless
over the past 8 years with over $50mm in sales

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FunMobility has grown with the mobile industry, evolving into a mobile social entertainment company
that let’s people share play and connect through their mobile devices.

Dan Pfeiffer VP of Marketing for FunMobility, explained to Thedroidguy earlier today that FunMobility
has partnered with Verizon Wireless over the last 8 years. They were one of the top sources of ringtones
and wallpapers to Verizon Wireless customers. Today they’ve built upon that relationship and
FunMobility is one of the Top Android aggregators for Vcast apps. As Pfeiffer explained it, because of
their vetted relationship over the last 8 years FunMobility will serve as a gatekeeper for apps to get into
the Vcast Apps store.

FunMobility will handle identifying, vetting, and aggregating top quality apps that Verizon Wireless
customers can trust when they download.

FunMobility is looking to attract more developers to both develop games for it’s own FunME platform
as well as partner with to help get into the V-Cast app store. To learn more visit the developer section at