Froyo Now Being Served To The AT&T HTC Aria

In a video interview on Thursday, the same day Samsung Captivate’s Froyo update went live, AT&T’s resident Android Expert, Dante Martin confirmed that Froyo would be coming to the HTC Aria soon. So soon in fact that he had it running on the HTC Aria that was in his pocket.  No one thought it would be this soon, but the update started rolling out midday yesterday (Friday)

You will need HTC Sync to complete the update and it can be downloaded by clicking here like a mini-kies update for Samsung HTC Sync is currently only available for Windows machines.

What you need to know is after the break

What’s NEW:

  • Android 2.2 (FROYO)
  • App Sharing – Allows you to share an application via Bluetooth, Friend Stream, Email, etc.
  • Google Search
  • Latitude – A service by Google that lets you see your friends’ locations and share yours with them.
  • Navigation – Google Maps Navigation is a Turn-by-Turn GPS navigation application.
  • News and Weather
  • Places – A Google service that makes it easy to search and find Restaurants, Coffee, Bars, Hotels, Attractions, ATMs, Gas Stations, and more.
  • Videos – Links directly to videos that have been taken with the camcorder.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot and USB Tethering – Allows the user to use their Aria as a mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices or connect a PC using the Aria’s data connection. A separate data plan is required for this functionality.

What’s Changed:

  • PDF Reader has been changed to Adobe Reader.
  • AT&T Radio Icon has changed.
  • Navigator changed to Car Panel.
  • Photos has been changed to Gallery.
  • Sound & Display has been split up into individual categories under settings.
  • Factory Reset relocated to SD & Phone Storage

Source: HTC via Phandroid

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