From The Don’t F- With Anonymous Files, Sort Of…


Thedroidguy’s west coast editor Brent F reported earlier this weekend that the hacktivist group calling themselves Anonymous, was a little upset with San Francisco’s BART service.

BART made headline news on Thursday when they opted to shut down cellular service in certain stations to prevent an uprising that was reportedly being planned for the civic center BART stop in San Francisco.  Citizens of San Francisco have been reacting to a BART police involved shooting on July 3, 2011. BART officer James Crowell shot a 45 year old transient man wielding a knife at the civic center station.

The source for BART’s tip to a August 11th protest is unclear but BART acting on this information decided to shut down cell service to prevent potential protesters from organizing via cell phone.

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Anonymous, along with millions of others felt the decision by BART was careless and not in the interest of public safety.  What’s a peaceful protest compared to the possibility that a citizen couldn’t seek emergency services should they become injured or sick aboard a BART train that evening.

Once the story started making the rounds Anonymous issued a statement saying they were going to disrupt BART today for six hours.  Although it’s unclear whether or not Anonymous was able to disrupt BART the way they wanted, they were able today however the Anonymous logo appeared on the BART site through much of the day.

Anonymous also accessed and posted member files from BART’s website.  DDoS attacks and posting information are the types of things that Anonymous has been known to do. Their targets though have been big companies, law enforcement and now BART.

There were reports earlier this month that Anonymous was targeting Facebook for attack on November 5th however that has been downplayed by some known to be affiliated with the group.

Source: CNet