Fresh Round of Galaxy S 4 Rumors Emerge, Confirm a Few Existing Rumors


As if we haven’t had enough of the Galaxy S IV rumors already, new ones show up every day. But thankfully, each rumor that surfaces seems more convincing than the preceding rumor. And in this spirit, we have just received our fresh batch of rumors for the day. Some leaked documents have apparently surfaced, confirming a few of the alleged features of the Galaxy S IV. To begin with, it appears as if the Galaxy S IV will indeed have a 4.99-inch (or 5-inch) Full HD display panel, which is something we knew all along, but it feels good to get some reassurance. Also apparently confirmed is the quad core (not octa core) Exynos 5440 chip, which utilizes ARM’s Cortex-A15 architecture making it one of the most powerful quad core SoCs out there. These processor cores are also said to be very power hungry, so I guess Samsung intends to have a massive battery pack on board as well. So I guess we can finally rule out the Snapdragon S4 Pro rumor, because honestly it wasn’t making any sense. Android 4.2 is believed to be doing its thing on the new Galaxy flagship, so we’ve got plenty to look forward to. While there’s a high likelihood that we’ll see most of these specs make its way to the device, we wouldn’t know until the announcement happens, so keep that salt shaker close to you.

To add to these rumors, we’ve also heard that Sammy will utilize a 13MP camera sensor for its new flagship, which appears to be a prerequisite for 2013 flagship devices. It all began with the Optimus G back in 2012 which made use of a more than capable 13MP camera, and hence sparking off the trend. 13MP camera sensors are to the mobile world, what 8MP camera sensors were a year and a half ago. Combine this camera sensor with the plethora of Samsung exclusive tweaks and we might just have a killer combination. Now all that remains to be seen is the design of the smartphone. Buyers clearly didn’t mind the design of the Galaxy S III as the sales numbers would tell you, but I would certainly like a complete design overhaul, just to make things more interesting.

And as for the launch date of the smartphone, there have been several reports, but we’re zeroing in on the March 15 rumor for now. We should see invites being sent out for the Samsung Unpacked event a few weeks in advance if Samsung decides to hold an event on the aforementioned date. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for that as 15th March isn’t long away from now. If not in March, then April or May should certainly mark the arrival of the fancy new flagship. Our expectations are growing each day and we expect Samsung to live up to them, if not exceed them. In the meantime you can keep a check on the Galaxy S IV rumors in our post here.

Source: Ice Cream Sandwich Blog
Via: Talk Android