Foursquare update offers cool new features for user hangouts and other interesting information!

Popular Android app Foursquare has rolled out an update to its android app to give users recommendations on launching the app. With these changes users will be able to quickly view famous landmarks, tourist attractions and popular spots as soon as they launch their Foursquare app in a new destination.  Within their town or area Foursquare updates users about places that have been opened recently. These could cover hotels, cafes, museums, theatres and other tourist and entertainment destinations. A search bar is provided for users looking for a particular place rather than the popular spots the app displays on launch.

The app works on offering users a better, smoother experience given that users make use of this app very often, especially on travels. Option “Explore” allows users to find a place quickly by displaying it prominently on the top of the homescreen. Once search words are keyed in, relevant destinations are instantly displayed. To familiarize yourself with the app look at the top picks of the day listed using the “Best Nearby” alternative to explore. This option gives the user all the best locations including theatres, cafes, pubs and motels in the vicinity. A great option about this app is that it not only shows you cool new places but also lets you see which of your friends checked in at a destination near you. This information is displayed on the map. This option, called “Nearby friends” has also been moved where users can view it easily.

fours2Users who do not have foursquare installed can still access info about great new places and their friends hang outs. When a user tweets or posts on Twitter and Facebook respectively, all the users friends will be linked to a page that displays details including friend’s locations and other information of interest. Photos, feedback and other friends’ updates are all highlighted so that it is visible to everyone. Personal info if permitted by the friend, like email id, addresses and phone numbers are also displayed.

The neat new feature by Foursquare shows the social angle is still going strong!