Follow Up: Egyptian Opposition Said To Be Using Ghonim As Spokesperson

Unconfirmed reports on the internet from both CBS News and NBC News say that missing Google Marketing Manager for the Middle East and North Africa, Wael Ghonim, suggest that Ghonim is being used as the spokesperson for the opposition in protests against the Egyptian government.

Although it is still quite alarming that no one has actually heard from Ghonim in 8 days, one of the lead opposition groups called “The 6th of April”has name Ghonim a spokesperson actually in hopes that it leads to his release if the Egyptian government is in fact holding him.  At this point there are quite a few different ideas of where Ghonim could be.  Unfortunately there is the possibility that he was killed or died during the protests themselves. There is a slight possibility that for some reason he is ok but without access to communication.  A close friend of his told reporters that, that scenario is unlikely. Then there is also the possibility that he is being held by the Egyptian government.

There have been wide spread reports of other violence to innocent by standers, even CNN’s Anderson Cooper and team were injured during these protests.

Regardless of what Ghonim is doing at this moment he is still missing and his colleagues in Mountain View are worried about him.  Google has posted an email address [email protected] and is urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to either email or call the UK Google office at +44 20 7031 3008.

Source: NBC News

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