Florian Mueller Is A Fraud?

The interwebs went wild on Friday when it was revealed that trusted patent blogger Florian Mueller is actually being paid by Oracle and may be in line for a top paying job with the company that’s embattled in a bitter patent suit with Google.

Over the past couple of years, the self proclaimed patent expert has been quoted on every site in the tech blogsphere from Engadget to Yahoo, and even the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNET. It was assumed with his patent rhetoric and court documents all over his site that he knew what he was talking about. No one took into consideration the fact that until just a couple of months ago his site was hosted by Blogger.com and not even his own domain name.

Mueller has received a lot of criticism for his anti-Google position, however it’s now surfaced that he has actually been paid by Oracle which explains his anti-Google position.

Mueller has recently posted an “ethics” statement of sorts on his blog which it seems that he feels relieves him from any potential backlash:

That said, as a believer in transparency I would like to inform you that Oracle has very recently become a consulting client of mine. We intend to work together for the long haul on mostly competition-related topics including, for one example, FRAND licensing terms.

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He also goes on to talk about his previous paid relationship with Microsoft, which we all know is a fierce Google competitor.

Website Groklaw has also dug into the Mueller/Oracle relationship. A Groklaw contributor, who goes by the name, PJ wrote this:

It seems, according to the story, that Mueller and Oracle kissed and made up after he fought against Oracle and lost before the EU Commission, back when it was considering whether or not to allow Oracle to buy Sun. Remember the MySQL affair? No doubt Oracle deeply admired his work. Well. That’s not what *I* heard.

Anyway, he has known, I gather, that he was going to be working for Oracle as an “analyst” and “for the long haul” for some time, he indicates. But he didn’t think to mention it until now.

What do you think? Do ethics statements clear someone from any wrong doing? Let us know in comments.
Source: DailyTech

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  1. You and I talked about this briefly last September in your article “Apple’s Android Bomb Shell? Maybe Not?” I said then that he had “not even a laughable claim to impartiality”. I questioned then why anybody cared what he said, and I question now why anybody cares what he says.

  2. “A Groklaw contributor, who goes by the name, PJ wrote this”

    while this is true, PJ is more, she is the founder of Groklaw and now Co-Editor

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