Fixing the Nexus 5 Internet Browsing Problem

Nexus 5 Internet browsing problem

A new email sent via The Droid Mailbag reads, “I regularly log-in to a secure website using my computer to monitor exclusive articles and topics in one site. The contents open without any problem using my computer. However, when I log-in using my Nexus 5, I cannot access the contents that I need to view. Is there a way to fix this particular Nexus 5 Internet browsing problem?”

Possible Causes of the Nexus 5 Internet Browsing Problem

There are possible reasons why you are experiencing this problem. First is a bug in your app. Second, maybe the mobile version of the site may have a glitch.

Possible Ways to Solve the Nexus 5 Internet Browsing Problem

Here are tips to fix this issue if a simple restart to your device does not solve it:

1. Clear Cache and Clear the Data of Your Browser

First clear the cache of your browser app. If that does not cut it, clear its data as well. This will delete temporary apps that might be behaving erratically which disrupts the normal operation of your device.

2. Try Using Another Browser

Before this, update your browser and see if the problem persists. If it does, download other browsers from Google Play to test if it is only an app-related issue.

3. Use the Desktop Version of the Site

Some sites directly bring you its mobile version which is a more basic version of the site. But sometimes, the mobile version does not function well like the desktop version or it has missing features. To solve this, use the desktop version of the site instead. Look for its link or option within the site that will let you view its contents similar to the way that you see it in your PC.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

When all else fails, perform a Factory Reset to remove any corrupted system files that may be triggering the bugs which are hindering you from accessing the contents of the website you are trying to access. Be reminded to backup your data prior to this because it will do a total wipe to all the files you stored in your Nexus 5.

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