Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SMS MMS Sending Receiving Issues

Welcome to another installment of our focused troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve the problems sent to us by our readers regarding their Android devices. In this latest post we will be dealing with the #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 SMS MMS sending receiving issues which some of our readers are experiencing. Most owners of this phone consider this as a critical issue since they will be losing the ability to communicate using the phone’s messaging system.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

What we will be doing is we will analyze each of the problems of this nature sent to us and will be providing the necessary troubleshooting steps that will hopefully resolve the issue.

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Note 4 Delay In Receiving Text Messages

Problem: I have had repeated issues with receiving texts, sending them is not a problem. These issues only happen if they send a string of texts at a time or I’m in a group conversation. One thing that happens is I’ll start to receive messages late, once in a group message I got everything 40 minutes late so when I replied no one knew what I was talking about. I asked my friend in a solo conversation to reply with the time and that’s how I proved my theory. Also, when I have solo conversations and we talk for a while sometimes their messages will start sending double or their messages will start sending late as they send more texts. So I’ll say some things in two or three texts, and they’ll reply with multiple texts as well but I’ll only get the first one. Then as we keep talking, their other reply from that topic will be sent with their reply to our current topic. I also sent them a screenshot and asked if they were replying late to some things or if it was my phone (after this had happened a few times with multiple people) and she said it was my phone. I tried resetting my phone, with the group conversation it’s the first thing I tried but it didn’t fix anything. This has happened with both the default messaging app and an app I installed and am using now called Textra. Hope this was detailed enough I’d appreciate any help!

Solution: Since you already did a reset of your phone then we can rule out any software related problems that may be causing this issue. For this particular problem the delay occurs when you are receiving a message and not when you are sending one. One thing that you must rule out first is the network. Could it be that your phone has a poor signal reception when receiving the messages? Sometimes when the phone is out of coverage area and someone sends you a message that message stays in the server of your network until your phone gets a signal. You should try to check if this issue occurs in other areas other than the area you are in right now.

Sometimes this can also be an account related issue concerning the provisioning of the number. You should try to contact your carrier’s technical support hotline and have them check on your account status. If possible you should use another SIM in your phone and check if the problem still occurs.

Note 4 Not Getting SMS From Specific Number

Problem: I’m able to receive txts from everyone but my BF. He’ll txt me off n on all day n I never get any of them. I’ve checked my spam folder and there’s nothing there. Please help!! Thank you

Solution: If his number is not included in the spam list and his messages does not appear in the spam folder then the problem may be with his phone.

Sometimes when we send a message we just open the message thread of that person then compose the message. Have your boyfriend delete your message thread from his phone then have him send a new text message to you.

If the issue still persists then start your phone in Safe Mode then have him send a text message to you. This allows you to check if a third party app may be blocking his messages. If in Safe Mode you can get his message then find out what app is causing the problem and uninstall it.

Note 4 Delay In Getting Text Message

Problem: My text soft works fine, but I have a question. I’ve got a text message from a person 4PM. I know for sure the person was on the plane at 10 AM, so he was out of the country. Why it took so long to get the text? Please if you can deliberate because this is important piece of information and I need to explain it to the court. If possible send me a link, where I can read about these issues. Thank you.

Solution: There are different factors involved as to why the text message could be delayed. I have listed some of the possible factors that may contribute to this issue below.

  • Network congestion: Sometimes when an unusual spike of text messages arrive at the servers of the phone carrier its delivery to the intended recipient will be delayed. The way a text message arrives to you is from the sender it still passes through the server of the carrier before being sent to you. If a lot of people are sending a text message at a particular time then  this causes a congestion which in turn causes the delay.
  • Different networks: The most noticeable delay in text messages occurs when both parties belong to different networks. This means that the message will have to pass through a longer channel than if both parties belong to the same network. Then there’s also the possibility that a network will prioritize its own traffic thus creating a delay in the receipt of a text message if the sender belongs to a different network.
  • Signal Coverage: The most common cause of the delay in the receiving of text messages is if the phone has a spotty coverage. If the server determines that the recipient’s phone is not connected to the network then it will delay the sending of the text message until such time it can detect that the recipient’s phone is connected to the network.
  • Software Issue: There are also cases when a corrupt data in your phone can cause the text message to be delayed.

Note 4 Not Sending Or Receiving MMS

Problem: Not sending or receiving picture mail. I have had repeated issues with receiving pictures. I  get code 4504 unable to receive mms. I’ve taken my phone to the service provider and spoke with techs about this. No one has a clue. It has to do with the APN settings. Somehow my APN settings switch. But I cannot do it manually. Help

Solution: Usually it is easy to edit the APN settings of your phone to match the one your network is using. In your case however the APN settings can’t be set manually. Can you edit the current APN settings of your phone? If not then can you instead add a new APN setting? If you can’t edit or add a new APN then you should contact your carrier and inquire if this setting has been locked.

Before contacting your service provider try restarting your phone by taking out its battery first. Press and hold the power button for at least a minute then reinsert the battery. Check if you can now add or edit a new APN setting. If the issue still persists then backup your phone data and do a factory reset. Check if the issue still remains.

Note 4 Not Sending MMS

Problem: My phone will not let me send picture messages (MMS). It will let me send regular text messages. PLEASE HELP.

Solution: There are several requirements that must be met by your phone in order for it to send an MMS. First, you should have an active mobile data subscription. Second, your phone mobile data switch should be turned on. Finally, your phone should have the correct APN settings. You can check if the APN settings your phone is using is correct by checking the website of your network provider.

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