Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 That’s Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

For a device that needs to be recharged after a few hours of use, it is always considered a big problem if it refuses to charge all of the sudden. We have received several emails from our readers, and owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, who reported they have encountered related problems. Based on our research, the following are the possible causes.

Possible Causes

  • Damaged charging unit.
  • Charger cable breakage.
  • Using third-party charging unit.
  • Corroded connectors.
  • Connectors are bent, broken or pushed in on both the battery and the phone.
  • Liquid damage.


Here is a procedure that could help you identify what the problem is and how to fix it.

Step 1: Confirm that your Galaxy Note 2 is not charging. There are times when technology just fails for no apparent reason, to eliminate this possibility, reboot your phone first then plug the charger again to see if it’s not really charging. There were reports from owners who said a reboot fixed their charging problem.

Step 2: Confirm you’re using the original charger. Chargers that come with different Samsung devices have different ratings and amperage. Thus, it is imperative you check if the charger you’re using is the original unit to make sure it gives out correct current.

Step 3: Check charger and cable condition. If the charging unit was burnt, you can actually smell it from the outside, so check on it. Run your fingers from one end of the cable to another to feel if there is a breakage. This is how to physically check the charger, although you cannot really be sure if there are no damages.

Step 4: Check connectors. Pop the back panel of the phone and take the battery out. First, look at the connectors in the battery and check if they’ve been bent or pushed in. Then look at the connectors in your phone and see if they are bent, broken or pushed in. Lastly, using a clean cloth, clean the connectors to make sure there is no corrosion.

Step 5: Check for liquid damage. Some users reported that slight liquid damage could actually result to no charging problem. Recall if there were instances that your phone was exposed to liquid. Please note that damages caused by water or any liquid are not covered by warranty.

Step 6: Seek tech help. If all else fail, don’t hesitate to have an appointment with an authorized technician to have it checked. For those under contracts, you can always demand a replacement.

Problems with your phone?

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