Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 That’s Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

galaxy note 2 back panel

For a device that needs to be recharged after a few hours of use, it is always considered a big problem if it refuses to charge all of the sudden. We have received several emails from our readers, and owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, who reported they have encountered related problems. Based on our research, the following are the possible causes.

Possible Causes

  • Damaged charging unit.
  • Charger cable breakage.
  • Using third-party charging unit.
  • Corroded connectors.
  • Connectors are bent, broken or pushed in on both the battery and the phone.
  • Liquid damage.


Here is a procedure that could help you identify what the problem is and how to fix it.

Step 1: Confirm that your Galaxy Note 2 is not charging. There are times when technology just fails for no apparent reason, to eliminate this possibility, reboot your phone first then plug the charger again to see if it’s not really charging. There were reports from owners who said a reboot fixed their charging problem.

Step 2: Confirm you’re using the original charger. Chargers that come with different Samsung devices have different ratings and amperage. Thus, it is imperative you check if the charger you’re using is the original unit to make sure it gives out correct current.

Step 3: Check charger and cable condition. If the charging unit was burnt, you can actually smell it from the outside, so check on it. Run your fingers from one end of the cable to another to feel if there is a breakage. This is how to physically check the charger, although you cannot really be sure if there are no damages.

Step 4: Check connectors. Pop the back panel of the phone and take the battery out. First, look at the connectors in the battery and check if they’ve been bent or pushed in. Then look at the connectors in your phone and see if they are bent, broken or pushed in. Lastly, using a clean cloth, clean the connectors to make sure there is no corrosion.

Step 5: Check for liquid damage. Some users reported that slight liquid damage could actually result to no charging problem. Recall if there were instances that your phone was exposed to liquid. Please note that damages caused by water or any liquid are not covered by warranty.

Step 6: Seek tech help. If all else fail, don’t hesitate to have an appointment with an authorized technician to have it checked. For those under contracts, you can always demand a replacement.

Problems with your phone?

Email us at [email protected] and we will help you find solutions. Please be detailed as much as possible so that we will know where to start and how we can help you better. However, we cannot guarantee that we could respond to every email we receive.

12 thoughts on “Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 That’s Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. Hi, I had my Note 2 for about two years, and it worked perfectly. I was with Verizon on their “new every 2” plan, so I had received my Note 2 contractually. I liked my Note 2 so much that I did not get another phone until 2016. The store where I was had a Note 5 so I bought it for a $100.00 fee. (They no longer had the “new every 2” plan). I used the Note 5 for one month and then had to return it to Mfr. with problems. I had placed my Note 2 in the original box after a full charge and set it on my shelf. When the Note 5 died, I took the Note 2 out of the box only to find out that it would NOT power on! I plugged the charger into it and NOTHING! I still have it. I went to Batteries+ and they tried a new battery, but still would not power on. It’s as if someone killed it remotely!!!!

  2. This is beginning to seem like a Samsung implementation of Apple’s slowing old phones down, is anyone a lawyer, , my phone is dead too, this is insane that all our phones are dieing within a year of each other.

  3. David..I’m having exactly same problem. I was using phone as usual n switched off at night. Next morning I’m trying to switch it on it doesn’t. Nor does it charge. We live far from the city n Samsung service Centre is closed on weekends here. No options other than discarding. I loved this phone. Any suggestions if I should buy a note 8 or 5

  4. Anyone else notice that most note 2s are failing around this time? My note 2 was doing fine until i downloaded the software update this year and now it wont even charge.

  5. my galaxy note 2 have problem: when I want charging my phone take this error : charging paused .battery temperature too high.
    i change my battery and my charger but dont solve this problem.
    how can i solve this problem?

  6. @David Woyus – Did you receive a reply yet? I also have the same problem with my Note 2. And I am dearly searching for some authorized technician to help me restore the data. I stay in Irvine, CA.

  7. My Note 2 was doing fine yesterday but when I try to switch it on this morning it doesn’t turn on. The screen doesn’t light up and I tried using another battery but it still doesn’t work. I did nothing, I was just using my phone like any other days.

    I tried all that you mentioned. Nothing. I’m in the Long Beach / Los Angeles area. Do you know a good tech in my area, that won’t charge an arm & leg to verify that the phone is truely dead.

  8. My Note 2 was doing extra fine yesterday but when I try to switch it on this morning it doesn’t turn on. The screen doesn’t light up and I tried using another battery but it still doesn’t work. I did nothing, I was just using my phone like any other days. Help !

  9. My Note 2 did something very similar a few days ago,it indicated that it was trying to download”text-to-speech English(Indian)”through Download Manager.It never did download it,&it shouldn’t have downloaded without me initiating it.I cleared the data in Download Manager&Google Playstore,&then went about the lengthy process of re-installing app’s(no settings lost from each app’).Now the battery only seems to charge on the tablet charger&drains by about 50%while doing nothing over night.I don’t know whether it could be a Trogan,or just the fact that the battery is four years old.The downloading problem seems to have disappeared.Any suggestions would be appreciated,I run AVG anti-virus.

  10. Hey, it as helpfull but i tried everything on youtube but nothing happend im so upset man.
    i did everything but nothing worked it wont charge or turn on it use to work but not any more please help me out

  11. My phone was stopped whilst i was on a website reading an article ! I switched off the phone and restarted but i could never got back to my phone screen ever since! In the beginning it was charging abd the light was on as well .. then a green robot appeared saying downloading! But even after for a few hours the robot kept saying its downloading!?..!!..
    It never did anything and now the situation is that my phone would not start or charge! Its completely dead!
    What do i do?

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