How to fix Galaxy S8 that won’t charge anymore (after using another charging cable)

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Problem: Galaxy S8 won’t charge anymore after using another charging cable

I was charging my battery-flat S8 with a charger this morning but i realised that the charger had some issues with the wire, as when i placed the wire in a certain position it will charge and discharge alternatively. My battery level was initially 7% but it dropped to 0 after charging for 30 mins. Then, i went to the store to purchase a new wire, however when i connected my phone to the adapter the phone does not charge or show the red led light. Is it pronounced dead or is the port just broken. I am yet to try wireless charging as my last resort. — Clayton

Solution: Hi Clayton. It’s hard to know exactly what is going on with your device given how little historical information your provide. With your situation, there’s a fair chance that you have an on-going hardware issue and that can mean any of the following:

First you want to ensure that the new replacement cable is good by using it to charge another Samsung device. If it works fine on a second device but not on your S8 that’s an indication of a problem in your phone.

Secondly, consider charging your S8 in a computer. Some users found it successful in reviving Samsung devices in the past. Make sure to let your S8 charge for at least 30 minutes before turning it back on again. Lithium-based batteries like the one in your S8 is not completely drained even when the battery percentage indicator says 0%. Some small amount of power remains in the cells in order to keep the circuits alive for the next charge. If, for some reason, the battery drained the last remaining power that keeps it alive, you’ll have to replace it to power the phone back on. Unfortunately, it’s obviously borderline impossible to do the replacement since the battery pack is integrated to the motherboard. If your S8 will not charge at all after leaving it connected to your computer for at least 30 minutes, there might be a battery problem behind it.

We recommend that you go ahead with your plan to try a wireless charger and see what happens. If your phone remains unresponsive and won’t charge wirelessly, any of the items above must be true. To know the real issue, you must let a technician diagnose the problem. Contact Samsung and let their technician handle the repair process for you.


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