7 Replies to “How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Glitches [Part 49]”

  1. Hey guys, I just updated my samsung galaxy s3 and after I updated it, I reset it to get some crap off it. Now when i try to set it up, I will get stuck on the select language page, and when i press next to continue, a message will pop up saying, “Unfortunately Google Account Manager has stopped”. Ive tried repeating it multiple times and it wont work. Please help guys. Thanks

  2. my phone wont program anyone else have this that can help me? please my phone is activated but isn’t programmed..

  3. My wife and I both reluctantly “upgraded” our AT&T software 8/19/15 and both get msg “Unfortunately, internet has stopped working” using stock browser, too often. Cleared data and cache. Nothing helps. Damn I should know better then to do updates but thought maybe better security was included. hah. Don’t want chrome or other browser. No such problem before update. Can these be updates rolled back ?

  4. s3 mini suddenly turns off whenever i browse youtube using packet data. it doesnt turn off when i open facebook but when i browse other sites it turns off. can you please help? thanks
    it also heats up quite fast

  5. I also have the same issue in my s3. I follow your instruction but its not working. I press the update button in play store. It’s showing me this message ” update for ” Google play service ” could not be downloaded due to an error. ( Error while retrieving information from server ). [RPC:S-7:AEC:-7 IAAY-XEUT-KWCHQ])
    Please help me ..

  6. my samsung wont let me select anything its froze up except volume power
    ive tried 3 buttons at once ..nope HELP

  7. my message report just says report requested it switched on but not telling me when its deliverd i found this really useful with my old phone so i didt keep hitting answer machines it told me when the message deliverd so i know when they recieved it and ther phone had been switched on

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