How To Fix Common HTC One M8 Problems and Errors [Part 24]

Welcome to the 24th part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the HTC One M8.  This smartphone, which was released in the first quarter of 2014 running on Android KitKat, is upgradeable to Android 5.0 Lollipop making it a popular choice in the market. Its high end specs and metal body are two of its main selling points. Despite being one of the best phones currently available it also has its fair share of issues. This is where we come in as we try to provide our readers with a guide on how to resolve the problems that they are facing with their device.

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M8 Slippery Body

Problem: Hi droid guy, the biggest issue I have with the htc one m8 is that the body is super slippery and I hate to put a case on the thing.  Are there any spray or solution you can recommend that I can use on the phone to keep it from constantly falling out of my hands? Thanks

Solution: I don’t know of any spray or solution that can make the phone les slippery. If there were then it would only be a temporary fix as this will ultimately be rubbed off by our hands. There’s also the possibility that applying a solution may cause an aesthetic damage to the case (leaving a stain or changing its color).

The best solution so far for the issue that you are facing is to use a case that’s thin. There are some stores selling clear screen protectors that offers a full body protection for this model. This means that aside from attaching a protector in front you can also attach one at the back. This screen protector may provide more friction which will reduce the slippery issue you are facing.

M8 Low Speaker Volume

Problem: Hi, I was on your website and saw that you gave suggestions for problems involving android phones. I just had a concern with my HTC m8 phone. I feel like my speakers have lost their quality somehow. I feel like they used to be louder and clearer. It doesn’t feel like they get loud enough, and when it gets to certain pitches in songs and the like you can hear crackling, as if the quality was low. My friend has an HTC M7 and his phone is louder and clearer. This could because I dropped it in the toilet when I picked it up coming out of the shower. Would shallow water damage like that do such a thing? It was in there for a second or two. Not that long. Could it be dust and such that’s down in there? Do you think HTC would fix it if I sent it back? Thanks in advance.

Solution: If you feel like the volume of your phone isn’t what it used to be then you should first try doing a factory reset. This eliminates the possibility of apps causing the problem or a corrupt system software that is causing your volume to be low. Make sure to back up your phone data before proceeding.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.
  • Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  • Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

Try checking the volume of your phone and see if it is loud enough. If it isn’t then the drop to the toilet may have affected the sound of your phone. This could already be a hardware related issue in which case you should bring it to an authorized service center for checking.

M8 Constantly Crashes

Problem: Hi my htc one m8 constantly crashes multiple times a day every day without fail, i have tried factory resets and just resetting the device. Any advice?

Solution: Try checking if there are any new software updates available for your phone and install them. This model is getting the Lollipop update and this may resolve the issue. If after updating your phone the issue still remains then this may already be hardware related. You should bring your phone to an authorized service center for checking.

M8 Text Messages Are Split

Problem: Hello I have the HTC m8 and my carrier is Verizon, I noticed when I receive messages that are long they do not show up in paragraphs but instead a paragraph is split up into 4 different messages that have 3 sentences in each separate messages. Is there any way to change that to receive one big paragraph?

Solution: This is a network related limitation. Verizon uses CDMA technology which can only handle 160 characters at a time when sending text messages. If the message exceeds 160 characters then it will be split into different parts.

M8 Battery Drains Quickly After Factory Reset

Problem: Good day. Am facing challenges with my Htc One M8, which I got from a friend. Before I reset the phone the battery life was normal and on good condition, but the moment I did a rest it immediately started draining power at an abnormal speed. I tried the volume+, volume – and power button reset however it proved fruitless. Is there a way I can fix my battery life without literally changing the in-built one. Regards

Solution: Try checking your phone settings first and turn off any services that you are not using. These may include Bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. Try to deactivate the auto sync feature as well since there may be an app that is constantly accessing the Internet.

To verify if this issue is not caused by a third party app installed in your device you should start it in Safe Mode.

  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • On the screen, touch and hold Power off under Phone Options.
  • When the ‘Reboot to safe mode’ message appears, tap RESTART.
  • When the phone restarts it will be in safe mode.

If you notice your phone battery life improving in this mode then find out what third party app is causing this problem and uninstall it.

If the issue persists then there is a possibility that the battery of your phone is already faulty. If this is the case then you should try to replace it.

M8 Voice Dialing Not Working

Problem: I am wondering if you can help me. I have an HTC m8 that I use with a Bluetooth hands free speaker in my car. When I activate the phone from the speaker, it launches google voice. From there I can say call, someone from my phone directory. Sometimes it dials. However, often it will say, “calling…”, but then do nothing. It doesn’t initiate the call. Is there something I can do?

Solution: This issue may be caused by corrupt temporary data. Just wipe the cache partition of your phone to resolve the issue.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Press and release the Power key to turn the phone on.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down.
  • Release the Volume Down key when the three Android images appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the Volume Down key once to move the cursor from FASTBOOT to RECOVERY.
  • Press the Power key to begin the wipe.
  • The device displays the bootup screen followed by a phone with a red triangle.
  • Press the Up Volume key and Power key at the same time.
  • Press the Down Volume key three times to select Wipe cache partition.
  • Press the Power key to initiate the wipe.
  • Wait until the phone displays Cache wipe complete.
  • Press the Power key to select Reboot system now.

M8 Automatically Saving Pictures From Visited Websites

Problem: My HTC M8 appears to automatically save pictures (in the pictures folder) from ANY website that I visit. I can get rid of them by using clean master, but is there a setting I can switch off this happening? Many thanks.

Solution: These photos that are saved are cached copies to make your browsing experience faster. You could try going to your browser setting and from the bandwidth management uncheck load images. You will however not be able to view images from websites.

You should also try using a different browser to see if the same issue occurs.

M8 No Display After Game Crashed

Problem: Hi there, I have had my M8 for a little over 2 months now, however it’s recently developed an issue. I should state that my technology knowledge is limited before I start describing the issue. I was playing a game on my phone when the game crashed, all the buttons on the touchscreen and the touchscreen itself became unresponsive (however the power and volume buttons still worked, and the picture was still being displayed at this point) However shortly afterwards the screen disappeared and I was left with a screen full of what can only be described as blue/purple static. The phone was still working. I could still call it, hear the ring/message tones, alarms were working. However i could do nothing with them as the screen has no picture and is unresponsive still. I tried everything from holding the power button for ages! To letting it drain out of battery and hoping the restart would fix it.

Solution: To resolve this issue you will need to perform a factory reset on your phone. You should however back up your data first but since your phone display does not work you will need to use HTC Sync Manager. This is a free software which you can download from the HTC website and install in your computer. This will allow you to import music, photos, and videos from HTC One to your computer. You can also sync locally stored contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and playlists between HTC One and your computer.

Once you have finished making a backup proceed with the factory reset.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.
  • Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  • Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

M8 Issues After Lollipop Update

Problem: Hey guys how are yaa, Well since I’ve updated my device with android’s latest version which is lollipop 5.0.1 I’ve started to facing some minor problems which is really annoying. Something my device gets stuck while using any apps specially FB. And it takes little bit more time to open or close any kind of apps including my camera. When I try to switch back from extreme power saving mode to normal mode it takes around 10 seconds to switch back. And when I try to clean all the open apps that takes longer then usual. Even I’m having problems with the keyboard as well. As I’m writing to you guys it keeps getting stuck. Please help me with it and I really don’t have much apps in my device.

Solution: When your phone encounters issues right after a software update it is always a good idea to do a factory reset. The most common cause of these issues are the data from the previous software version that has not been completely removed. This causes a conflict with the new software version causing all sorts of issues. To completely remove this old data a factory reset is highly recommended.

Before performing a factory reset make sure to back up your personal data first.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.
  • Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  • Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

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