Firewater S-Off Unlocks Any HTC Device Quickly

Are you having a hard time unlocking your HTC device? A tool that has just been recently released makes it easy for you to do it and it does so quickly. Firewater S-Off does two things, it will S-Off your HTC device and it will unlock its bootloader. This will then allow you the freedom to customize your device anyway you want to.

S-Off means security off and is a term specific to HTC devices. S-On is a feature that checks the digital signature of the bootloader and once it is turned off users will be able to do several things with the device including but not limited to

  • Flash in fastboot original parts of the firmware
  • Flash in fastboot custom parts of the firmware above
  • Use more advanced fastboot commands
  • Reset the Tampered flag, so your device does not show up as “Relocked” if you relock your bootloader.

Firewater S-Off is able to unlock most HTC phones, even the newer HTC One models. This is made possible by the countless hours spent by beaups and fuses in developing it. This tool is free to download for personal use and is relatively easy.


  • Working adb on your PC.  Yes, that means OS X, linux, Windows, etc. are all supported.
  • HTC drivers installed and working
  • HTC sync removed (not closed – REMOVED)
  • All other phone software removed or disabled (Samsung Kies, PDANet, etc.)
  • A working internet connection ON YOUR DEVICE – wifi, 3g, 4g, etc. are all supported.  There is no way around this requirement, don’t ask.
  •  USB debugging enabled on your device
  • Your device must be HTCDEV unlocked/rooted or have a working temproot.  A temproot that works with many modern (not all) HTC devices is provided below.
  • Do not attempt to run firewater from a terminal emulator on your device.  You MUST use adb along with a PC.
  • A supported device.  firewater *should* work with most modern HTC devices, including (but not limited to) the htc one,  droid dna, one s, one max, and many others.

Instructions on how to use this tool are available at its website

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