Firefox Marketplace Gets Previewed In Screenshots

The first images of the Firefox Marketplace have been released by Engadget. The Marketplace will be a venue where users of the OS can download free or paid apps. Its photos show a minimalist interface with the set of apps that Firefox is offering organized into boxes. Among the apps shown on the image are Solitaire, Galactians2, jauntly, Word Wars, Nook, and Lanyrd Mobile.

Below the apps, users can also see other app categories such as Books & Reference, Business, Education, Entertainment & Sports, Games, and Health and Fitness. The Marketplace also uses a system of five stars to allow users to rate whether they like an app or not, and includes a short description of the app to guide users. Furthermore, there is a Search feature to assist users in finding new apps to download.

It remains to be seen whether Firefox already has a payment scheme or not since all the apps that appear on the photos are being offered for free. Still, the Firefox team still has time to continue developing the Marketplace and the OS in general as the launch of the OS is still scheduled for early next year.

Mozilla began Firefox OS in 2011. It essentially aims to make the web as a platform for apps created for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The team behind Firefox OS already gave consumers a first glimpse of the OS during Mobile World Congress in February this year. Developers have already been granted access to the OS during the summer. For many, however, the upcoming OS remains to be a mystery. What is clear, at this point, is that Firefox OS will face some tough competition against the other established operating systems out there, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Next year, devices from Telefonica will be the first ones to showcase Firefox OS, but it is expected to be available on other carriers later, as well.

via engadget