Firefox 8.0 Comes Out Of Beta With Master Password

Mozilla, has promised quicker releases and updates to it’s Firefox Browser, and for the most part they’ve kept that promise, bringing Firefox 8 for Android out of Beta today.

With the Firefox 8 upgrade doesn’t bring any huge changes except for Master Password. With this new feature you can manage all of your stored passwords with one “master password” which allows you to use one password for everything. This could prove to be extremely convenient and sounds like it could also prove to be somewhat risky.

The next decent change is bookmarks for Android. You can now add bookmarks to your homescreen from FireFox. From there you can click the bookmark directly and have it go straight to that page via Firefox (you can also do the same thing with the native Android browser).

Firefox for Android is now built on the same rendering engine as the desktop version which makes it a more fluid experience.  It also adds personas which allow you to decorate your Firefox for Android, any way you like.

For a complete list of changes visit here and here

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