Firefox 14 Beta 6 for Android Is Now Available

Who’s up for some Firefox upgrades? Well, good news is here for both Firefox and Android users; new flavors of Firefox for Android can now be tasted as a new update that is available in the Beta channel to Firefox 14 build 6. This is in sequence to the latest release of the browser available for desktop platforms.

There are actually no impressive changes to expect of this new release aside from the string of bug fixes and slight enhancements. This can be evident from the shown available change log. Such changes are primarily aimed at Android phones like adding a support for Flash Player, having a new user interface plus a new start page.

But the very aim behind the newest versions of Firefox is for Mozilla to push to the Beta and Aurora channels for desktop users. This is in part of the company’s hasty release system for their attempt to offer superior browsing capabilities on Android devices through the adaptations of the different native interfaces of the platform. So expect for faster loading times and general alertness.

Better performance capabilities can as well be expected as compared from the previous ones. Now, it can already deliver optimized experience on devices operating on Android 2.2 or newer platform with only slight and minimum requirements.

So far, the adoption of a native UI for the browser is one of the latest major changes Mozilla is able to perform in Firefox for Android devices. The update is free for download though.

Furthermore, to fully provide you with the complete feel of the latest releases made by Firefox on Mozilla, Android users can as well download and install on their very devices the Nightly builds of the coming Firefox 15 to get a pre taste of what is in store for them from this next browser.