Filastruder: A Cheaper Alternative for 3D Printer Materials Raises More Than $207,000

filastruder product

The Filastruder is about to go after getting enough funds through crowdfunding. Currently, the startup project that promises to come up with cheap 3D printer materials has now gained an astonishing pledge amounting to more than $207,000 as of today.

Based on the Kickstarter page of the Filastruder, the product aims to develop a strong but cheaper filament extruder for a 3D printer. The project was only launched on March 25 with only a $5,000 goal. The duration for funding is only until April 24. But, surprisingly, it just took a matter of weeks for the targeted amount to be reached. Then, even though the $5,000 target was already fulfilled, donors still kept on coming in. Today its backers have gone up to 846 with an overall donation amounting to $207,198. This could only mean one thing; that 3 days from now, the project will start.

The influx of donation for the project just shows the popularity of 3D printing and the high demand of people for its materials. As we have featured on our previous articles covering 3D printing, the process enables people to produce things ranging from common household materials, miniature vehicles, body parts, drugs, working parts of guns, ammunitions, headphones and more. The report I made on the 3D Images website, which I based on several news sources, even showed that architects are now looking to construct a building out of 3D printing.

While it is true that anyone can produce almost anything with a 3D printer, one problem of this continuously emerging technology is the cost of materials. According to Tim Elmore, the founder of the Filastruder project, the current filament used for 3D printing can cost around $40 per kilogram or more. But since his Filastruder project only uses plastic pellets that only cost around $5 per kilogram, the price for the production of filament will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, due to the Filastruder’s promise of providing a cheaper alternative for materials for the 3D printing industry, people were more than willing to help through the Kickstarter campaign of the project.

The Story Behind the Project

Elmore is a PhD student at the University of Florida. He specializes in Mechanical Engineering. He gained his knowledge in 3D printing through reading books covering polymer extraction.

The need to develop the filament extruder dawned to him when he bought his very own 3D-printing machine and he tried creating various objects out of it. He realized that the amount of filament he was using was such that he was able to deplete 1 to 2 rolls of it in just a month.

Challenged by his need, he developed a prototype for the filament extruder. But it did not come without a flaw. So, after one beta-testing to another, he finally addressed the issues one at a time. As soon as he determined that he was ready to mass produce the Filastruder, he started his Kickstarter campaign which turned out to be a success.

With the funding set to go on Wednesday, all that’s left for Elmore is to complete the products and fulfill all the rewards he promised to his donors.

Source: Kickstarter