Fenix exits the Play Store after reaching Twitter’s token limit


After popular third-party #Twitter app, Falcon, saw the exit from the Play Store a couple of years ago, Fenix has now seen a similar fate. If you’re wondering, well, the app wasn’t removed for a rule violation or any such issues but simply because Fenix has reached Twitter’s token limit, which only allows a certain number of tokens per app/developer.

A token in this context is one user, so as Fenix hit 100,000 users, the token limit was reached, basically making new users unable to sign-in to the app. It is yet to be seen if Twitter will make some changes to its token limit policy in order to provide relief to such developers.

It’s really a very unfortunate incident for the developers who have built a great app like Fenix and we’re hoping a resolution is found soon. For now, if you bought a license and aren’t able to sign-in, you will have to write to the developers in order to get your money back.

Were you a regular user of Fenix? What do you make of this revelation?

Source: @fenix_app – Twitter

Via: Droid Life