10 Best Barcode Scanner App for Android in 2020

While every phone can read QR codes located around you, barcode scanning is a different story altogether, and the best barcode scanner app makes it a bliss. While the process works similarly as QR Code scanning, barcode scanners allow you to scan products in the supermarkets, well, virtually anything with a barcode. Some apps let

7 Best Stylus for Drawing on Android

If you’re an artist who likes to sketch on digital devices like tablets, the importance of a good stylus will be obvious to you. While basic styli are available in abundance, it makes sense to carefully look at all the best options before making your pick. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent third-party styli for

ipad pro

Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro Best 2 in 1 Laptop in 2020

The Surface Pro 7 is one of the most recent additions to Microsoft’s popular notebook/tablet hybrid. However, it has to contend with a device like the Apple iPad Pro in the marketplace. Even though the lineup was refreshed around a year ago, it’s still one of the most powerful 2 in 1 laptop going around,

5 Best Note Taking App for Galaxy Tab S6

Note taking is something that’s considered a primary function, especially on mobile devices. However, this can be quite tricky with something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. This houses a large AMOLED display with high pixel density and deep blacks. This means the basic note apps just won’t cut it on an app like this.

Galaxy Tab S6 vs Surface Pro 7 Best Tablet 2020

There are several tablets in the market today, but none better than the Galaxy Tab S6. This is thanks primarily to the sharp AMOLED display that goes into the tablet. However, Microsoft changed the game to some extent with the announcement of the Surface Pro 7. An equally capable, if not better (on paper) device,

5 Best Way to Store Digital Photos Long Term

Photos and videos can now be stored in the digital format, thus negating the need to have actual photographs stacking up at home. This means you have the freedom to print these digital photos anytime, no matter where you are. But if you’re new to storing digital photos, the whole idea of properly storing photos

5 Best Photo Editor Apps For Google Pixel 4

If you’ve been shopping around for a new phone at all, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the new Google Pixel 4 and it’s massively upgraded camera. The phone can take some fantastic photos, with some of the best detail in the industry today. That said, there’s still a place for photo editing, which can

Where Can You Get AT&T 5G?

Everyone is racing to be the first carrier with true 5G technology lit up all over the country. 5G is significantly quicker than 4G LTE, but there are still some roadblocks to it. AT&T is still, as quickly as possible, lighting up the nation with 5G; however, 5G isn’t so popular from a consumer standpoint.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Mobile Network Not Available

4 Best 5G Phones In 2020

5G is the next networking technology that is supposed to revolutionize mobile networks. The one “con” that comes with 5G is that most phones aren’t going to be able to support the technology right out of the gate. So, if you want to make sure that you’re able to use the new technology as it’s

6 Best Family Plans for 3 Lines in 2020

It’s no secret that mobile data and cellular connectivity is a lot more advanced today than it was a few years ago. What this also means is that customers get access to more attractive and cost-effective plans for the entire family. But some families have a specific requirement, especially those with only three mobile users.

5 Best Launchers For Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 comes with the Pixel Launcher right out of the gate. It’s a simple, fast, and bloat-free launcher. A lot of people like that simplicity, but because of that simplicity, there aren’t a whole lot of features in Pixel Launcher, especially as far as customization goes. So, if you want to take

5 Best Radio Apps For Pixel 4

A radio app for the Pixel 4 can be an excellent addition to your array of favorite mobile apps. Unfortunately, you have to settle for a radio-style app, instead of a full-blown radio app, since the Pixel 4 doesn’t come with an enabled FM chip. Radio style apps still provide you access to all sorts


5 Best Call Blocker for Android Without Ringing

Call blocking technology has come a long way since it was first introduced a few years ago. While smartphone manufacturers today offer the ability to block calls by default, there are third-party apps out there that do a better job of blocking calls while also helping you get rid of spam calls. It’s also crucial

5 Best Journal App For Android In 2020

Journal apps for Android are super important to have on your smartphone, and having the best journal app for android will make your journaling a lot easier. If you ever had a thought that you needed to jot down, or a number that you needed to keep track of, a journal app for Android is

5 Best Gallery App For Android In 2020

A lot of smartphones such as from Samsung or LG come with their best gallery app for android. This is usually a bare-bones stock app that is quite simply a place to store images. For Samsung phones, there are a few extra features inside the gallery app, but for the most part, stock gallery apps

6 Best Plant Identification App In 2020

Do you love the outdoors? Do you wish you knew more about trees, plants, and general shrubbery? Well, with modern technology, you can! With a simple plant identification app on your smartphone, you can quickly and easily pull up information based on a plant that you saw outside. Many of these will allow you to

Craigslist mobile

5 Best Craigslist App For Android In 2020

A Craiglist application can be essential to have. It’s typically a little challenging to navigate through on the traditional Craigslist website; however, a third-party Craigslist app hooks into the website but allows you to do browse through the different categories and listings through a touch-friendly interface. Not sure what the best Craigslist app is for


5 Best Flashlight App For Android In 2020

If you’ve been looking for a flashlight app at all, you’ve come to the right place. A flashlight app can be a convenient tool to keep in your toolbox, especially during the evening hours, or when you need to try and find an item in a dark room or area. In most cases, popular manufacturers