Facebook Unveils Verified Pages and Profiles

Facebook Facebook has just announced they are introducing verified accounts and pages; they have taken a leaf out of Twitters book. Verification gives high profile accounts an added level of authenticity so that the users know that the account that they are subscribed to is legit. Verified accounts will have a small blue check next to the name of the person or group to indicate that in fact the page or profile is authentic.

Verified pages and accounts are being rolled out to the elite accounts on Facebook for celebrities, brands and businesses. Facebook have said that they will be rolling out verified  profiles very soon to go along with verified pages. Also like Twitter there is no way for users to ask for a verified account, Facebook will come to you if they feel that verifying your account will be useful for other users to find the real page.

The verified pages feature is already live on Facebook and can be found on certain celebrities pages, the last big feature to be added to Facebook was the Subscription feature. This allowed users to essentially follow others without the need for the person to authorize the mutual friendship, this feature was also inspired by Twitter.

Source – TechCrunch